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These things may be hard to hear and you may not believe them at first but they are true. If you’ve ever had your heart broken you need to take the time to read this.

1. Life goes on, the world does not just stop turning because you’re single.

2. Just because it hurts now doesn’t mean it is going to hurt forever.

3. You can make it through this.

4. Life is too short to spend with people who don’t make you truly happy.

5. Losing someone who doesn’t appreciate you is not really a loss.

6. There are billions of other people out there.

7. Use this lesson to your advantage.

8. The best is yet to come.

9. You are stronger than this.

10. One bad relationship is not a reason to give up on love completely.

11. Time really does heal most things.

12. Be patient with yourself.

13. Walking away is the right thing to do.

14. You will love again.

15. You can love more than one person in your life.

16. Turn all these negative emotions into something positive.

17. This is only one chapter in the book of your life, you will make it to the next chapter.

18. You will grow through this pain.

19. It is okay to miss him even if he was a complete piece of shit.

20. You miss the memories and good times more than you do him whether you realize it or not.

21. You can love someone as a person and still do what is right for you by not being with them.

22. Letting go is hard but holding on is harder.

23. Don’t overthink things. Everything happens for a reason.

24. Heartbreak is sometimes a blessing in disguise.

25. Jumping into a rebound relationship will not make you happy.

26. There is no limit on how long it take to meet someone worth being with.

27. The longer you spend with the wrong person the longer it will take you to meet the right person.

28. Never lose hope for love.

29. Your time will come.

30. You will be happy.

31. Sometimes bad timing is enough to ruin something that could have been amazing.

32. Someday you will be thankful that things didn’t work out.

33. You will move on.

34. He will be fine without you and you without him.

35. They don’t need to keep holding you back.

36. If they really cared they wouldn’t have hurt you in the first place.

37. You cannot keep excusing their actions.

38. You deserve better.

39. You are going to find someone who completes you someday.

40. There is nowhere to go from here but up.