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Every day, our lifestyles and habits are either contributing to or taking away from our intelligence. Due to the fact that our brain is our most important aspect, learning to shy away from habits that deteriorate our brain power is of the utmost importance.

Oftentimes, we may not even realize that we are partaking in a variety of unhealthy habits that not only damage our brains but also wreak havoc on our mind. Of course, these are habits that all of us engage in from time to time, however, when these habits become ingrained in our lifestyles, we could be causing detrimental and irreversible damage without even realizing it.

1. Eating Dangerous Foods

You are what you eat, as the old saying goes, and when we are fueling our brains with chemical laden and fatty foods, we are doing nothing but damage our minds. What we don’t eat may be just as important as what we do eat, because we are missing out on nutrients necessary to power us through a hectic day. Remember to never skip breakfast, and fill up on fruits and vegetables that are packed with brain powering antioxidants to keep your brain functioning at full capacity.

2. Oversleeping

Not only does oversleeping contribute to mental health decline, but it can also put you at risk for diseases. The average person needs anywhere from 6-9 hours of sleep, and anything over that can cause mind and body deterioration. Conversely, not sleeping enough can be just as dangerous.

3. Drinking Too Much

While alcohol can provide benefits in moderation, overdoing it can destroy your health, your livelihood, and your brain. Studies suggest that binge drinking can destroy your mental health by causing memory problems, as well as increased anxiety and depression. So, you can continue to enjoy an occasional glass of wine, or beer, just makes sure you don’t start doing keg stands every night!

4. Relying on Technology for Information

While your smartphone, google, and the internet can be quite helpful in finding information if you start relying on such technology you may be destroying your intellect. Why? Because when your brain stops doing the work and is replaced with a device, you are ignoring your own critical thinking skills.

5. Limiting Yourself

When you create false limits for yourself, you are placing a barrier between your mind and its ability to learn. Such limits can prevent you from trying new things, and from becoming a more successful individual. Start removing such irrelevant limitations from your life, and you will see your quality of mind increase exponentially.