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Tantric sex with your partner is unlike anything else that you could ever experience. It will not only reward you with the immensely mind-blowing orgasms, it will also deepen the connection you have with the one that you love in ways that you never imagined.

While most of us think about sex as a purely physical act, it is actually something that is far beyond that. On the contrary, a sexual encounter with the one that you love is meant to provide you both with a connection to one another that is unlike anything else. Of course, living a busy life can oftentimes lead to a dull connection on many levels between two partners. In turn, many of us can be left unsatisfied with the encounters that we participate in, as we rush to get to the finish rather than to take the time to bond with the ones that we love.

Thankfully, with a few simple tips and habits, we can quickly enhance our love lives, as well as our sex lives.

1. Begin With A Lot of Touching

When you lay down with your partner naked and completely vulnerable, and then succumb to nothing but their touch it marks the groundwork for amazing sex. Slowly caress one another, and explore each other’s bodies. Make it your goal to explore every inch of each other with nothing but your hands. Try to find new erogenous zones, and make every effort to give your partner a pleasurable experience. Use different touches- firmly massage one another, then slowly caress one another. Gentle stroking is also effective.

2. Turn Everything Off and Focus on Your Partner

Shut off the lights, turn off the T.V, and switch your phones to silent. Sex should be an experience in which you focus all of your attention on bonding with your partner. Focus your full attention on them by looking deeply into their eyes, and forgetting the world around you.

3. Don’t Make the Goal Reaching a Climax

Instead of focusing entirely on orgasming as the only goal to your sexual experience, focus your attention towards making the experience pleasurable. Switch off your mind, and explore. Look deeply into the other person’s eyes, and focus instead on surrendering to them, as well as enjoying yourselves as you reward one another.

4. Focus On Your Breathing

Try to sync your breathing so that you are working together as one. The goal of tantric sex is to mesh your soul with your partner. Become one, and make this as intimate of an experience as possible. Sex was designed by the divine as a method in which we could truly connect with one another. What could be more spiritual than to truly surrender and attune yourself to the one that you love? We can’t think of a damn thing.

5. Practice and Never Give Up

While it is very easy to stay in our old habits, it may take awhile to become entirely used to having a more intimate approach to the sexual experience. Practice breathing techniques, and enhancing your fourplay at first. If you are unable to achieve a fully tantric experience the first time, try it again and again. Eventually, you and your partner will become so in sync with one another that it will be easier to get lost with each other than to rush through it.