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It comes to discovering your partner’s interests, kinks, and preferences it can be pretty hard to figure out on your own. Thankfully, astrology has this subject covered and has for a really long time.

If you’re struggling to figure out what your partner is into, you’re not alone. I mean some of us just aren’t too good at flirting. the s is also great knowledge to rack up in your head in case you ever need to use your moves! if you’re wondering the correct approaches according to astrology, here they are.


Aries are bold and aggressive and they love it when you are too; in fact, it really turns them on. Instead of asking permission for a kiss, just swoop them off their feet with a pleasant surprise – just don’t overstep your boundaries.

This sign also loves compliments. buttering them up will surely get you somewhere. they typically don’t make the first move so you’ll have to swallow your pride to really get to know them. the more dynamic and vigorous you appear to be, the deeper the Aries will fall for you.

Don’t ever try to lie to an Aries either. while they are typically doubting themselves, they have a heightened sense when it comes to detecting a liar. So, if they ask you if they look fat you better tell them the truth – but put it nicely, you don’t want the wrath of an Aries.


These people adore affection, value, and sentimentalism. They’re suckers for backyard retreats, picnics, camping, and cheesy movie dates. Be sure to show up with some flowers, because it’s a necessity for picking up a Taurus.

Taurus is in love with someone with good humor. if you can manage to make a Taurus laugh you’ll have the key to their heart. if they’re the one for you, they will let you know it. they will not be afraid to openly hit on you, and they will always be trying to seduce you.

Taurus also loves traveling. take them all around the world and they’ll be completely satisfied with their life. they love to share stories, so don’t be afraid to ramble on about some of your past adventures. you might as well while you can because once they get started talking it’s hard to get them to stop, as Taurus is very talkative. a good, friendly trait.

Instead of taking them out to an expensive restaurant, try cooking them a home cooked meal. it will mean much more to them. they are more concerned with your sentiment than your income. if the Taurus comes over be sure to have some romantic ambiance going on – and don’t forget the candles. ooh, La la.


Gemini’s are highly intelligent so asking them for a good read is not as boring as it sounds. Your own intelligence will highly spark their interest in you. They absolutely love talking about their hobbies too, and they would love to show you. Taking an interest in the hobbies, past, and passions of a Gemini are the absolute passageway to their bedroom!

If you’re able to challenge the Gemini mentally you will have them for sure. they are always up for a challenge, and love being with someone who appreciates the growth of knowledge. two people can learn a lot together. they will always show you off to the world, and tell you over and over again how much they love you. if they think you underestimate their love for you, it might destroy them.

they are always down for creating, as they have expansive imaginations. they love to talk too. a Gemini could sit and talk to you for hours on end and still want to continue. In fact, you’ll probably have to interrupt them a time or two to get your points across too!


Cancer’s love sensitivity. When you show your vulnerability, they are immediately turned on. They will quickly start taking care of you in every way possible. Let them do everything and they will. Cancer’s are extremely compassionate and truly care about your well-being.

Cancers are basically the mother of the zodiac family. they have a huge tendency to care for others and take care of you. do not be afraid to be vulnerable around cancer. they almost always have good intentions. they will not only help protect you, but they will help you grow.

Because of their undying care for you, they do expect lots of attention. if a cancer senses that you don’t care about them they will be extremely hurt. they are rather tender and are often ignored because they’re so often the fixers. don’t be surprised if they try to be your center of attention at all times.

Cancer’s emotional intelligence is very high, so don’t think that you will get away with using them. they are far more than resourceful; they are your best friend. however their kindness, they are not naive.


Leo’s are suckers for compliments. Don’t just make it simple either. Look for what they are really proud of most and then compliment them. It will probably spark a conversation because they literally love talking about the things they love. If you truly care for a Leo, they’ll know. They’re extremely loyal too.

Leo will always be there for you no matter what. however, just like cancer, do not try to deceive them. their emotional intelligence is high, and they do not tolerate being used. If you’re trying to swoon a Leo, they are huge suckers for the affection. they like to know they are your one and only. shower them with attention, but make it genuine.

Leo loves going on fancy dates, however, they never underestimate the joy of sitting at home and eating a pizza. they love old fashioned movie dates. make them laugh and you’ve hit two birds with one stone!


Virgo’s love to be taken care of. They are attracted to cleanliness, so don’t show up with a stench and always wear your best perfume! don’t ever express yourself as if you’re superior to other people; this is a huge turn off for Virgo because they themselves are typically not confident.

Virgo is really good at hiding their lack of confidence. if you are with a Virgo be sure to encourage their self-confidence. they need it. they love compliments because they hold them so dearly, and with sincerity too. Virgo will offer you unconditional and everlasting love if you just truly love them for who they really are.

Some people even say that they are a little compulsive. they alazalyne the things you say and the way you act to compare theselves to you – so don’t brag a lot. they are esasy to feel inferior.


While they are typically hard to decipher because they’re secretive, once you do you’ll be home free. They love intimate communication such as eye gazing or simply rubbing massages.

You never really know what a Scorpio is thinking about, so never get too comfortable with them. they can become very emotionally confused. they are always in need of a mentor and they will highly respect you for it. however, never play with a Scorpio’s emotions. you do not want to experience Scorpio’s revenge.

They might even be the sexually freaky of the zodiacs. they are extremely adventurous in the bedroom so spicing things up will not drive the Scorpio away; it might actually bring them in closer. they are huge on dreamers and long-term relationships, however, are not typically fans of the long term relationship idea.

Scorpios are passionate, intense, and always want to be on top. You may think you’re the one doing the seducing, but don’t be surprised if your Scorpio takes over. They’re so dominant that it can be overwhelming. However, a night with a Scorpio is a night you’ll never forget.


They love a good joke. Humor is certainly the key to this signs heart. Crack a joke and you’ll instantly see their soul through their smile. Sagittarius love to be treated highly, but they also love to take care of you. they love it when you put down your boundaries and let them in. they appreciate communication thoroughly – don’t be the one to deprive them of it.

They are hopelessly romantic and can’t help but fall over for you. they also always appreciate a good laugh. they are typically unfaithful, but once they stop flirting with others that means that you’re the one for them. you’ll know. all that charisma will go towards you, enjoy it.


Capricorns can come off as intimidating, but it only makes things a bit more fun. Limit your first encounter to a kiss, and the next time moves on. Capricorns know good things are worth waiting for.

Capricorns love structure with a bit of chaos thrown in, so a structured approach is best for them. Limit each encounter to maybe a deep kiss to start, and then the next time move on to massaging their tension-filled areas, like their neck, back, and shoulders. After a campaign of small seductions, you’ll have your Capricorn desperate to take things to higher level of sexual satisfaction.


They can be kind of hard to figure out, however they love charisma. Try something new, they’ll probably love it. This sign is adoring of spontaneous things.

With an Aquarius you need to first engage the mind and then the body. The tricks that usually work on everybody else will definitely fail with an Aquarius. They need things to be fresh, spontaneous and clever. Keeping things loose doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a plan of action. Aquarians are unique and one-of-a-kind, so your strategy should be, too.


Take your pieces to another realm. Show them your soul, have deep conversations, show each other where you grew up. Pisces are certainly the sign that will want to travel the world for you.

The one thing that Pisces adore above all else is love. They live to please and will figure out what you want even before you know you want it, so try to match them beat for beat. Pisces can be completely unselfish and are usually a very devoted lover and friend, so it may take them a while to allow you to do something for them. Pisces have an unlimited imagination, and when they focus that creativity to all things sexual it can be breathtaking.


Libras can be romantic, but also very elegant. Make a comment on their outfit because they have spent hours figuring out what to wear. They love to go out to fancy places and crave a more luxurious way of living. Buy an expensive bottle of wine or take them to a concert, they will definitely notice you!

Libras love balance, so if you come on too strong you’re going to scare them away; if you don’t come on strong enough, they’ll assume you’re not interested. Libras want a lover who knows what they’re doing but isn’t a complete player. Although a Libra may have a calm and peaceful exterior, they can be insecure, so be sure to let them know how spectacular they are.