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Have you ever heard of the Myers-Briggs personality types? This classification of personality traits are based on one core question; do you prefer one trait over another?

One of the rarest personality classifications is the INFJ class. These people are very unique in their own ways, and even they have a hard time understanding themselves. This personality type is extremely complex and can make getting to know them a bit difficult.

One of the reasons INFJ people are so hard to understand is because some of their traits are completely contradictory. They can often be described as two different people. They have major internal conflict and things can get messy for them in their head if they’re not careful. If you think you might be a type INFJ, you probably can relate to these 5 traits.

You love to be alone, but you also desperately need to be around people

You need your alone time, and you even find it difficult to participate in large group activities. However, when you’re alone for too long it can seriously get you down.

You’re easy going, but also a perfectionist

You typically go with the flow of things, however, when it comes to some things you are kind of nitty gritty. If you’re performing a task it has to be perfect, but if it’s a group project it’s an A for effort.

You’re messy but tidy

people with this personality type typically keep things tidy but are messy in other areas.

You’re artistic, yet rational

you’re always looking for the best possible solution, thinking outside the box, and making sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. However, you don’t take things too far because you are also quite rational. You know a good risk when you see one.

You stand up For others, but not yourself

these people are notorious for their peace making. They are always trying to improve the lives of others, and they will never let someone get hurt and not do something about it. However, they lack this skill when it comes to standing up for themselves. They are quite harsh on themselves and have trouble asserting their own needs.