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No relationship is immune to the possibility of a breakup. People can decide to part ways after just a few short months or even a few long years.

Love is something that comes with a lot of struggling. This is normal. It is normal to question whether things are worth continuing. This does not matter if you are just dating, married, or even ‘unlabeled.’ We all go through it. Letting this consume your relationship is where things go wrong, negativity should not be in control.

When this sort of thing occurs, and we are still wanting to save the relationship, we should do our best to address any lingering issues we have with one another. Grudges and anger towards one another will not help anyone or the relationship itself. If your relationship is in a rut, but you still love your partner, then it’s time to put up a fight. Not against your partner, but for your relationship.

With that being said, you need to remember that sometimes things are not fixable and when the time comes you may have to part ways. Sometimes parting ways is the best option for both people involved and will make you and your partner a better person in the end. If you are hurting each other to the point where the relationship cannot be repaired staying in it is only causing more pain.

1. Take responsibility for your actions.

If you have done things in the past or are currently making serious mistakes own up to your actions. Apologize and make an effort to change.

2. Be accountable for your own faults.

Stop blaming things on your partner. Your choices and where you are in this life is all on you. You cannot keep blaming each other for everything. This is different than number one on this list because I am talking about small scale things. If you do something like drink all of the milk and forget to throw the container out, don’t say ‘no I didn’t’ when she asks you about it. Try to correct these small things like if you usually forget to throw the milk jug out, start throwing it out.

3. Learn to trust one another again.

If you have trust issues within your relationship make sure this is fixed. Being able to trust your partner is one of the most important things in a relationship. Without trust you have nothing.

4. Stop being selfish.

Learn to think about your partner more and quit being so selfish. You should take your partner’s feelings into consideration before doing things and talk things through before you make decisions that will change both of your lives. The things you do impact your partner and you need to remember that.

5. Mix things up in the bedroom.

Sometimes you need to make things more exciting or fun in the bedroom. Losing the passion or flame in your love life can ruin a relationship depending on your personalities and igniting the flame again can in some cases save everything. Explore each other’s bodies and learn about new things.