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If you are the only old soul in your household chances are you do not feel accepted, we are often the ‘black sheep’ of the family and it can be frustrating.

Because old souls stick out and are ‘different’ they are not accepted as easily. Old souls are seen as strange because of their unconventional ideas and such. They feel separate and it causes them to be physically separate as well. They aren’t interested in the same things as everyone else and so making friends is a bit hard.


Old souls feel more misunderstood than they are because of the way they live. Old souls can see tons of different possibilities in their lives and they live their lives to the fullest as they see fit. They rely on their gut instincts and use it to guide their decisions in this life. Most people just won’t understand the ‘I just have a feeling’  logic as it is something they are lacking. Old souls are not accepted for a lot of reasons.

This is fine though because most old souls have trouble feeling like they belong. They can travel all over the world and still not find a place they feel at home. They are always seeking kind spirits with similar ideals, like-minded people are the only ones that will openly accept them without question. That being said being an old soul can be a bit lonely from time to time but most of them don’t mind it.

You may have loving parents but they still won’t be able to fully understand you. You need your space and you definitely get it. You use alone time to reflect on life and recharge. Friends and family can and will create issues for you because of their lack of understanding but if they are willing to try to accept you then at least you have made the first step.

Sometimes, we don’t have to be accepted to feel okay. We can be out of place and in place at the same time if we are around the right people. People who put you down do not matter. Only those who build you up should be allowed a place in your life. If we can look within ourselves to learn about who we are and help others get to know us better we can find a place where we are accepted if acceptance is what we seek.

Old souls are some of the most amazing people you will come across and if you aren’t one, but have one in your life let them know you want to learn more about them. Tell them you would like to gain a better understanding of their ways and make sure they know you care. Giving them what they need is much more rewarding than you might think.