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You and your undiagnosed ‘mental illness’ have made things harder for me. You have made things harder for all of us.

A normal person would not claim they have something terminal like cancer or liver failure and then ask for support from those who care about them without visiting a doctor so why do you think it is okay to do this with mental illness? Why is something that takes everything out of me considered a trend to you?

Am I just a joke in your eyes?

You claim you have anxiety, depression, or any other mental illness google brings up. You diagnosed yourself without thinking there was a chance you could be wrong. A video you saw online or a quiz you took via Facebook is not enough to assess your mental health. You are a zit on the ass cheek of life and I am so ready for you to pop. Your improper diagnosis has caused others to judge me based off of the things you feel you should get away with thanks to your self-diagnosis.

There is no way to properly diagnose yourself at home. We all feel pain and are all sad from time to time, how do you know you are sadder than normal people? You don’t. You may be completely normal and the thoughts you have been having may be something everyone else has every day. But you wouldn’t know.

You simply decided to jump on the bandwagon of mental instability and ride my ass all the way home.

Sure, you might actually have a mental disorder. You might really be suffering, but isn’t that all the more reason to see a doctor? I have a medicine cabinet full of pills and they still are not enough to help me deal with you and your fakeness.

There is nothing appealing about having anxiety. Do you ever stop to think about what you’re doing to the people who have actually been diagnosed by a professional? You make them seem just as fake as you are. You make their problems seem illegitimate. You make them invalid.

You make me invalid…

You are drawing attention away from real issues and You have turned my illness into nothing more than a basic bitch hashtag and I am completely disgusted. You make my life ten times harder and I hate you for it.

I suffer from mental illness day in and day out but you,

You act like mental illness is a theme park built especially for your own advantage. You are stealing my resources and draining the electricity that is my support system dry, soon there will be nothing left of me but hey… Your theme park will still be open, won’t it?

I try not to let my disorder define me, but you do your best to define yourself by your ‘disorder.