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The human body is essentially a temple of energy. Many different religions even talk about all of the energy points in the body, as well as the chakras and the third eye. The human body retains energy, but it also releases it.

Your body has thousands of energy points, but the most renowned energy points are known as the chakras. There are 7 chakras, or energy points, that are aligned down your spine. Each one has a different ability! Aligning your chakras and centering your energy can even change your life! Although thoughts and emotions are forms of energy, they aren’t exactly what we’re talking about.

We are all aware of our physical bodies – our hair, skin, the way we sound, etc. However, many people are unaware that they also have a spiritual body. Our spiritual bodies are powerful and have many special abilities like astral projecting. Our spiritual bodies and our physical bodies are always in cahoots too. If there is a shift in your physical body, you will also experience a change in the spiritual body.

Cracking Joints  cracking joints is a huge indicator of the release of energy. It is a huge sign that your body contains mass amounts of pent up energy. When you feel the need to crack your joints pay attention to the emotional state you are in – it might have a heavy influence on your energy.

Yawning – yawning can also be a rather large indicator of some pent up energy. When you yawn you allow a rush of oxygen into your body which can restore your energy levels.Other studies have shown that certain animals release amounts of endorphins, Serotonin, and Dopamine while yawning.

Burping – burping is also a huge sign that your body is getting rid of some of that energy.  Burping is also a way of releasing nervous and anxious energy and can also help your body to “digest” and process new information or emotions.

Watering Eyes – Watery eyes don’t always mean that you are crying. Sometimes, even randomly, you’ll notice that it is even hard to open your eyes because of how watery they are. This a huge sign of pent up energy release. A good example of this is when we experience relevant emotions such as extreme happiness or extreme sadness – When we cry, happy tears or sad tears, it’s the release of energy in those moments.

Sneezing – In some ancient cultures, it was believed that sneezing was the body’s way of protecting the soul from negative or evil energy. Sneezing is definitely a release on a physical level, but on an energetic level, it can also help to clear out stuck and stagnant energy that is lingering, especially from the throat chakra area!

Orgasm – Orgasm is among one of the most intense releases of energy. Orgasm can help activate and awaken all of your chakras. They also help release negative emotions such a sadness, anger, and fear! Orgasms also allow your entire body and energetic centers to open up, which can help to raise your vibration and levels of consciousness.