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Spring time is a time of renewal and cleansing, hence the term ‘Spring Cleaning.’ What better way to purge negative energies from your life and bring about a sense of renewal than to cleanse your aura?

The energetic field that surrounds our physical body is known as our aura. In the same manner that the physical body can show signs of stress, depression, and negativity, so can the aura. It can also become dingy due to poor spiritual hygiene. Think about it, you brush your teeth, you shower, and you put on clean clothes. However, many of us completely forget to cleanse ourselves spiritually and energetically as well. 

It is because of this, that many of us have auras that aren’t working properly because they are shrouded in negative energies that either we have put on ourselves, or that we have picked up from others. Thankfully, it takes very little effort to get your aura good and clean.

1. Use Crystals

Go to a rock store, or look online. Read about various stones and find out the benefits of each. Find stones that resonate with you, and stockpile them throughout your home, office, and car. Stones like citrine, quartz, and amethyst are perfect for cleansing the aura as they rid negative energies and promote positivity.

2. Smudge Yourself and Your Surroundings

Native Americans used sage wrapped in threads or cloth to rid their personal spaces of negativity. Light the sage in a way that causes it to exert plumes of smoke. The smoke is what provides the cleansing. Focus on corners, hidden crevices, closets, and areas that surround your home. Once you are finished, make sure that you open your windows to allow the sage to do its job by pulling negative energies out.

3. Use Visualization

Sit down in a quiet space comfortable. Make sure that your phone is turned to silent, and that you will not be bothered for at least five minutes. Relax and clear your mind. Once you have started to relax, visualize a white light inside of your mind, and push it out into your surroundings. Watch it move through your body extending down from your crown chakra into your neck, shoulders, arms, fingers, torso, buttocks, thighs, calves and finally your toes. Push it aura and visualize it cleansing any negative energies like a vacuum. Meditate for a moment, by focusing on the light and its cleansing powers. If at any time you become distracted, don’t fret. Just refocus.

4. Sea Salt Baths

Use Epsom salts, sea salt, or Himalayan pink salt as a soak by placing about a cup in a bathtub full of warm water. For maximum efficiency throw in a few drops of some cleansing essential oils like orange, lemon, or lemon balm. Soak in the tub for at least thirty minutes, and if you can, do a visualization exercise while bathing. Not only will this completely relax and pamper you, it will also cleanse your aura. 

5. Spend a Day in Nature

Go to your favorite spot in nature, such as a waterfall, mountains, or even just to a local park. Take a walk and explore. Breathe in plenty of fresh air, and if its warm enough, take a dip in the creek! Adventures such as these are grounding and cleansing, as the elements can aid in the cleansing of negative energies more than anything else.

6. Postive Affirmations of Mantras

Select a mantra and begin reciting it out loud. As you say it, feel the vibrations of the words move through your entire body. Many believe that feeling the words is more important than actually saying the words. Repeat the mantra daily, and within a few days, you should be able to feel the power of your words.