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While you may assume I am talking about some crazy almost impossible sex position I am not.

I am talking about oral sex, how often does your man eat you out? Now if you have a man who performs oral sex on you whether he does it all the time or on rare occasions, it could actually say a lot about him. In fact sometimes when a man wants to give us oral it makes us suspicious, but should it?

If your man wants to give you oral it could be because he loves you, while you have body issues he has no issue with your body. He sees you as you are and in that he finds satisfaction. While you’re feeling exposed he is getting more and more turned on. Some men enjoy seeing a part of you that no one else gets to see.

Other men see it as a you give I give type of relationship and these are the men I enjoy the most. They want to give you everything that you give them. In a relationship like this, you are always satisfied and neither person leaves empty handed. When it comes to understanding your man paying attention to the things he does in the bedroom is quite important.

Now, in my experience, if a guy randomly decides he wants to start going down on you, it is because he has royally fucked up. Men often for whatever reason try to overcompensate sexually when they have made some sort of mistake. While this is not always the case I have found it is something that is true more often than it is not.

If you find a man who is interested in going down on you and works to mix things up from time to time you have a keeper. Guys like this are always improving their tongue game and will never cease to bring something special to the table. No, they are not nymphomaniacs, they just enjoy pleasing you. Is there really something wrong with that?

Of course, that is not to say that it is impossible for your man to have an overactive sex drive. Some men do. All in all, if your man is willing to eat you out on a regular basis you shouldn’t think too much of it. Sit back and enjoy the ride while it lasts. Not all men will be this way when you find someone willing to give in return just as much as you do you have found someone who will be well worth hanging onto. Don’t let him slip through your fingertips!