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Typically, when a woman goes on her period, it’s considered to be a ‘woman thing’ and she is left to fend for herself. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as there are plenty of ways a man can help to support his partner during her time of need.

And don’t run off screaming just yet. You don’t have to watch chick flicks and eat chocolate as you cry and talk about your feelings to accomplish this goal. No, actually, there are plenty of manly ways this can be accomplished.

1. Give Her a Night Off

If your partner typically washes the dishes and fixes the kids dinner, give her a night off by stepping up and helping her out. Not only will she be relieved to have some relaxation time, she will be thankful for your help!

2. Don’t Be a Jerk


While it may sound like a no-brainer, please take this one seriously. Don’t make fun of her, or make rude remarks about her time, and don’t pester her.

3. Don’t Act Like Her Emotional State is a Handicap


Yes, she is more emotional than normal. No, she isn’t emotionally handicapped, she is hormonal. Give her some space, and support her through the worst.

4. Do Something Nice for Her

If any time were a good time to do something nice for her, now is it. If you really want to get boyfriend points, go for chocolate. (But don’t be obvious or make rude remarks about her time of the month as you do it……)

5. Give Her an Orgasm

According to science, orgasms reduce cramps. So, if you really want to help her out, help her orgasm.

6. You Can Talk to Her About Her Period


A female’s period is not some taboo subject better left untouched. If you have questions, ask them.

7. Be Sensitive to Her Needs

If she needs a hot water bottle for cramps, bring it to her. Give her a back massage, run her a bath, etc. Understand that creating a cozy environment is of the utmost importance during this time. And, as a bonus, you will have earned additional brownie points.