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Being connected is extremely important in all relationships. Without a connection, the relationship will not be able to thrive.

Doing small things with your spouse can become marriage saving rituals easily if carried out correctly. Couples who partake in relationship rituals like the ones mentioned in Bill Dougherty’s book The Intentional Family have better odds of saving their relationship from turmoil. Tradition allows the couple to create shared meaning and promotes a healthy relationship altogether.

If you are having trouble in your relationship and would like to give reconnecting a try the following things should be done. Reconnecting is not as hard as people act like it is. It takes minimal effort and can literally save your relationship in the long-run.

1. Share a six-second kiss every day

This will increase your emotional and physical intimacy and releases the oxytocin that helps you both to bond with one another.

2. Take a vacation

Even if it is just for one day. Spend time together and go somewhere kid-free that you both agree on.

3. Eat meals together without screens every day

Put the phone down and cut the television off. Spend time together even if it is just a meal. Make small talk and appreciate the presence of one another. Sure you might not be able to do this every single meal but once a day is important.

4. Talk to one another every day

Even if it is just a short conversation before bed. Spend a little time talking about how your day was, have a stress-free conversation and really listen to one another.

5. Go on dates from time to time (weekly if possible)

Go out and have fun with each other. Don’t let the spark die out because you are both caught up in life. Spend quality time together even if it is just a picnic.

6. Exercise together (as often as possible)

Even if it is a simple jog on the weekend this will benefit your relationship greatly.

7. Help each other with chores when possible

Lend a helping hand to one another. If your wife is making dinner take the time to help, it will make her happy and she will feel much more appreciated.

It really boils down to understanding and appreciating one another. Communication is crucial. When you value your relationship everything will become much clearer. You both bring wonderful things to the table in your relationship and being aware of that will benefit you both greatly. For some date night tips check out the video below. You can reconnect with your spouse if you both work hard at it.