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Developing a healthy balance in your relationships can be difficult, whether it is a friend, co-worker, family member or a lover. While we may make the effort to do all we can for those we love, it is not uncommon to not realize that we are being taken advantage of until it is too late.

When you put your best foot forward, putting an effort into your relationship it can be heartbreaking to not have the effort returned. While it is sometimes difficult to recognize the signs that someone you care about is taking advantage of you, there are signs and feelings that will indicate that their intentions are less than ideal.

Watch for these 7 signs that you are being taken advantage of:

  1. Your Conversations Are All One-Sided

If this person truly cares about you, they are going to pay attention to what you are saying and make an effort to listen to you. Someone who is taking advantage is often only interested in conversations when they revolve around them, their lives, their problems, and their interests.

  1. They Don’t Trust You

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘it takes one to know one’? This is the case when it comes to trust in a one-sided relationship. If this person shows an incredible lack of trust in you and your actions (providing you haven’t given them a reason not to trust you) then there is a good chance this stems from them acting dishonestly.

  1. You Have Become the Scapegoat

Every relationship, regardless of the nature, is going to involve disagreements. We will not always see eye to eye with our family, friendship doesn’t mean you will never disagree and lovers quarrels have been long recognized as part or a healthy relationship. However, if you notice that they always place all the blame on your shoulders and your shoulders alone, this is a red flag that they are taking advantage of you.

  1. They Show a Lack of Empathy

When someone is taking advantage of you, they will always come running with their problems, however when you need an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on they are nowhere to be found. They expect you to be their source of emotional support but aren’t interested in providing any in return.

  1. They Don’t Say Things Straight

All good relationships are built on a strong foundation of communication. If you find that this person avoids serious topics, or is always telling half truths then it is time to call them out on their lies! If they can’t be honest with you, that is a sign of how much respect they have for you and your relationship.

  1. They Don’t Honor Their Commitments

Do you find that they are always there when they need something from you, however always seem to be absent when they aren’t ‘getting something’ out of it? If you find that when you make plans with this person they don’t seem to be bothered by standing you up or canceling on it, its time to question their intentions.

  1. They Are Always Gone

If some cares for you, they will also make an effort when they are able to spend time with you. This isn’t to say that someone is taking advantage of you simply because their work life is out of control for a period of time… However, if you find that they are showing up when they need something, but nowhere to be found the rest of the time, and there is no good reason for their absence, pay attention!