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Gemstones have captured the desire of both women and men for ages, gracing our jewelry, symbolizing our birth month and being used to honor loved ones past and present. These beautiful little stones connect with us personally on many levels.


“These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of.” 

  • George Eliot


Different gemstones have been associated with different events, social classes, and milestones in our lives. From the image of the classy woman with her strand of pearls to the elaborate diamond wedding sets that are exchanged at many wedding ceremonies – gemstones carry important meaning in our lives, however, have you ever considered which gem might match your personality?

Each gemstone in this quiz has been associated with a specific collection of personality traits. Are you loyal? Do you highly value justice and diplomacy? Are you an overly confident and driven individual? Are you more withdrawn or shy? Take this quiz to discover which gem matches your personality!