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Life as an adult can be a challenge, at the best of times. We have to face struggles and difficulties, keep up with our responsibilities, and do it all with a smile on our face. For some, this is incredibly difficult, as the level of maturity that people possess doesn’t quite match that which is required to get through their day.

However, we all know that person that seems to have everything under control. Mature and professional, they’ve ‘got it together.’ These individuals possess what is known as ‘emotional stability.’ Defined as “the capacity to maintain one’s emotional balance under stressful circumstances,” this is the ability to handle anything that life might throw our way with class, composure, and style.

Regardless of how hard life may get, they always give off the impression that they can not only handle it but dominate it and come out on top. So, what sets these people apart from the rest of the population?

Here Are 7 Things That Mature and Emotionally Stable People Do Differently:

#1 – They live in the present, rather than obsessing over the past or what’s to come.

Emotional stable people understand that the only thing they have control over is the here and now. Regrets from the past will hold you back, refusing to allow you to move forward while becoming too focused on what is yet to come can distract you from what’s actually happening today.

#2 – They don’t allow themselves to be caught up in needless drama.

From gossiping to petty arguments, the opportunity to involve yourself in drama in this life is everywhere. While this can quickly dominate the attention of many, those who are mature and emotionally stable recognize that this can only bring negativity and isn’t worth their time.

#3 – They know when to walk away from people.

Not everyone who comes into our lives has been sent her to stay with us for the long haul. The key that the emotionally stable have mastered is recognizing when the time has come to say goodbye and walk away. This includes friendships, romantic relationships, and even when to cut ties with family members.

#4 – They are able to carry out calm, mature conversations.

Regardless of the topic of the conversation, they are able to discuss and respect different points of view, even if they directly contradict their own. They don’t allow their emotions to blind them to the facts, genuinely listening to the thoughts and opinions of others, while sharing their own in a concise, professional and respectful way.

#5 – They don’t resist the concept of change.

If there is one thing that is guaranteed in life, it’s that we are all going to experience change every step of the way. Whether you are looking at the changes in the direction of your life, your career goals, or even your personal style, life is always changing, growing and evolving. While many are afraid of this fact and go to great lengths to resist it, emotionally stable people embrace the idea of change in their life.

#6 – They are comfortable being on their own.

Emotional stable people don’t need other people to complete them or validate them. As such, they don’t live their life to please others. Instead, they are content and comfortable simply being on their own. They don’t judge their worth by the number of people that they surround themselves with.

#7 – They are incredibly open-minded and understanding of others.

Those who are mature and emotionally stable understand that everyone in this life is different, and these differences are what makes each of us who we are. This includes accepting those differences that may go against their own beliefs. For example, they are respectful of those who have a different religious view, or beliefs that are rooted in a different culture.