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Psychopaths can be extreme to the point where they become legitimate serial killers as we imagine them, but not all psychopaths are murderers. Some psychopaths are non-violent members of society who seem like normal people.

Psychopaths can be lurking in many aspects of your life, do you ever really know someone’s true intentions? Psychopaths are social predators who have no conscience, they use their charm and wit to manipulate those around them. They will prey on family, friends, and strangers. We are all the same to a psychopath, no pawn is better than the others.

Psychopaths are really good at molding themselves into being who they think we want them to be and are very convincing. The psychopaths in your life are most likely thoughtful and sympathetic. Chances are you feel a deep connection with them that is you do for now. Psychopaths will change completely when there is no longer something to gain from you. As long as they need you things will run smoothly but if they no longer need you, crazy things may begin happening.

If you think you may be going through manipulation by a psychopath you need to take a step back and assess your situation. Think about how this person is serving you and what they are gaining from your friendship or relationship. Below you will find lots of common things psychopaths tend to say.

1. “You think too much.”

Psychopaths will do things to make you feel uneasy as a means of getting under your skin. When you ask them about it this is likely going to be one of the responses you get. For instance, you accuse them of seeing someone else and they say that you are just thinking too much and making yourself worry. Then not long after you find out that this person was in fact cheating. You should never blame yourself for your anxiety, there is always a reason behind it.

2. “You’re crazy!”

Name calling is a huge red flag when it comes to psychopaths. They will do this to try and make you feel as if you are the one in the wrong. Psychopaths try to make you feel as if your own intuition is wrong they want you questioning your own emotions. This is how they make you more vulnerable.

3. “You’re too sensitive.”

Psychopaths are completely fake, none of their emotions are real. They will call you too sensitive to make you feel bad for feeling the way that you do about things. This is a manner of pushing your boundaries to see how far they can knock you down. This is something that can result in a very serious insecurity issue.

4. “You misunderstood me.”

Psychopaths will say things they know you will take the wrong way to get you worked up. They will get you steaming and bursting at the seams just to turn around and blame you for misunderstanding.

5. “I don’t like drama.”

Psychopaths are more dramatic than anyone. You will soon learn this, they will come off as easygoing at first, but as time goes by you will begin to notice their drama inducing behavioral tendencies.

6. “You love me, don’t you?”

They will use love as a means to get you to do the things they want you to do. Once they have you wrapped around their finger they will use you as much as they can.

7. “I wish you wouldn’t hang out with her/him.”

They will tell you how much they hate your friends and try to convince you to not see them or talk to them. They will do whatever it takes to make you believe this is a choice you are making for yourself but it is not.

When it comes to people like this the best way to move on and live a healthy life is to cut them out and have no contact whatsoever. Psychopaths are destructive and you cannot change them. Don’t let them destroy you, save yourself.