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Relationships are a challenge. They take honest work and effort each and every day, celebrating together during the good times and helping each other through life’s challenges. The best of relationships are those that find common ground – hobbies and interests that you can share and enjoy together.

We’ve heard it before, and it’s worth repeating: The couples that smoke together, stay together. It’s more than just sharing a common interest. While it might sound very out there, marijuana carries a number of positive benefits that will help strengthen your relationship, bringing you closer and helping your and your partner to trust one another at a new level.

Here are 7 ways that smoking marijuana can help to strengthen your relationship:

  1. You’ll Have Hotter Sex: Lester Grinspoon, a psychiatrist, explained that marijuana “greatly enhances the sexual experience for many people. There’s no doubt that when people are high, they’re more sensitive to their sexual feelings and urges.”


  1. Develop Trust in One Another: When you smoke up, you move into a more vulnerable state. For this reason, you are exhibiting a high level of trust for the people who choose to smoke with. Smoking with your partner illustrates a higher level of trust in one another.


  1. It Makes Couples Fight Less: The Washington Post wrote about a University of Buffalo study which found that couples who smoke together are statistically less likely to engage in acts of domestic violence. In couples where both partners smoke it is found that weed increases happiness, and happy people just don’t fight!


  1. Couples Who Eat Together, Stay Together: Eating together shows that a couple has reached a deeper level of comfort with one another. Smoking weed is well known for its ability to bring about ‘the munchies,’ helping to bring couples together over good eats!


  1. It Lowers the Risk of Jealousy: Weed helps you to chill out, which helps to eliminate the drama from your relationship. You are too busy relaxing and enjoying one another’s company to allow jealousy to distract you.


  1. Laugh More: Research has found that laughter has been linked with a higher level of satisfaction in a relationship. Smoking together puts you both in a happier state, adding to the humor of every situation.


  1. It Encourages Deeper Conversations: Smoking lowers your mental inhibitions, opening your mind to deeper and more profound ways of viewing the world around you. This new, unfiltered set of thoughts will allow you to connect on a whole new level.

Image via Broadly Vice