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In today’s world, it is impossible to avoid being socially labeled, especially in a public high school. Society is so prominent on giving us labels, but for some us, we are stuck right in the middle.

Society has always labeled people. I suppose it is a basic human nature to judge people based off what you see, however, today’s technological advancements and social media have made it a little bit ridiculous. People are more self-conscious than they ever have been, and kids these days suffer from major self-esteem issues! It is always important to remember that societies label of you has absolutely nothing to do with who you really are.

Some of the most popular societal labels are skinny, fat, weird, cool, wealthy, poor, etc/ We are all well aware of the standards were basically forced to meet. However, some of us are stuck right in the middle – these are the struggles of girls who aren’t fat but also aren’t skinny. It’s rough being thick, but we’re the best cuddlers, right?

We Constantly Overthink Small Comments

When someone approaches us and says, “ you’re so thin!’, we tend to overthink it. We overthink all small comments like this, especially because we aren’t exactly thin. Are they implying that I’ve lost a little weight, or are they just being fake nice? It’s a real struggle.


 Jeans are probably one of the biggest struggles. You can never find the right size, and even the closest one is impossible to squeeze into. Plus, our size changes so much you can never hold onto your favorite pair.

Wondering How People Label Us

We aren’t fat, but we also aren’t exactly skinny… So that makes us all really worry about what other people label us as. Are we skinny, fat, average, maybe? Who knows.

You Can’t Categorize Yourself

There are the four basic body types women are expected to have today, and we just don’t fit into any of them. We are the inbetweeners, right?

Dress Shopping

Don’t even get me started on dress shopping. It is one of the most difficult things to do ever. The stress will either look like a moo-moo maternity dress, or your entire ass is hanging out. There is no in between.

Online Shopping

 Because of our unique size, online shopping can be the real struggle. We typically have to try on things to know if it really fits, and 9/10 times I put my things back. Online shopping only makes it worse. I’ve sent back a lot of things!

Feeling Insecure

Society makes us feel insecure just because we aren’t skinny, but this is entirely wrong. Being fat, skinny, obese, or anything else has nothing to do with who you are as a person. You Should never be ashamed of who you really are!


Don’t even get me started.