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An introvert is someone who prefers solitary activities and is not interested in interacting with large groups of people. That being said there is much more to an introvert than just this.

Not all introverts stay inside all the time. Some of them still enjoy going out on the weekends and spending time with friends. Sure, they get nervous sometimes and are shy but that doesn’t always have to get in the way of things. Introverts are often misunderstood and knowing them on a more personal level can really help things.

If you have an introvert in your life then it is important that you know these 8 things that they absolutely hate:

1. Talking on the phone

They are not fond of talking without purpose. They will call you if something needs to be said but are not interested in being called just to chat. They will either ignore the call or spend the whole conversation trying to come up with a reason to get off the phone. Texting is a much better option for them.

2. Crowds

They do not like to be in crowds. They love going to concerts and movies but being surrounded by people makes it a little stressful. They try to avoid crowds at all costs and this is something you should remember when it comes to planning outings. They can deal with it sometimes but it does not need to be a frequent thing.

3. Small talk

This is to them, forced conversation. They want to part in that sort of thing. They hate feeling obligated to talk to people they don’t know or aren’t used to.

4. Being told “You’re too quiet”

There is no such thing as ‘too quiet.’ Just because you talk more than someone else is not a reason to tell them that they are existing in the wrong way by being different.

5. Social gatherings

Usually, they do fine with small family gatherings but when it comes to doing things with co-workers or being surrounded by people they do not know they are not interested. This drives their anxiety up the wall.

6. Noise

Introverts do not like being in loud places. They enjoy being able to hear themselves think and appreciate silence.

7. When people assume they need to come out of their shell

Introverts are perfectly fine where they are and the way they live makes them happy. Just because you would not be happy if you were living an introverted way does not mean they are not happy.

8. Surprises

They do not like surprises. Now you can get away with small surprises like presents or food but don’t go planning them any secret birthday parties at the office. They will not like it and will feel awkward the whole time.