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We all know that one person who is always posting selfies while at the gym. Whether they already look good or have a long road ahead of them it seems like every single day there is another gym selfie. Could that person be suffering from a tad bit of narcissism?

No, I am not talking about those people who do monthly updates on their weight loss progress so please don’t eat me alive over this. Narcissism for those who do not know is excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance. This meaning that those people who enjoy having others look at their bodies and make sure they go the extra mile to make sure people know they work hard for those bodies are experiencing narcissism in some form.

This does not just come in the form of being bombarded with selfies it also comes in posts. Constant gym updates and attention seeking about things related to them. Do you know someone who posts their diet meal plan every single day? SAME THING.

A recent study done at Brunel University has come to the conclusion that people who make these posts are craving the attention they gain from posting photos of their physic. In this study, they looked at 555 active Facebook users and the things they post. They found that people who post workout selfies get a lot more interaction from their Facebook friends than those who do not. This is said to be because of how frequently they were posted.

These people tend to be those posting about how awesome they think they are most often as well, which is a big sign of narcissism on top of all of the selfies. Sure, this does not apply to every single gym selfie posted but could be true for most.

Now for more information on narcissism please take the time to watch the video below. It will describe the different kinds of narcissism and give you some insight on it. Do you know a narcissist?