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In today’s society, the power and strength of an empath are often overlooked, shrugged off as being nothing more than being overly sensitive or emotional. The truth is that an empath is able to connect and feel in a genuine and delicate way in a world that is otherwise loud, in your face and overwhelming.

They can gather information from their surroundings including not only physical information but also psychological and emotional. This can, in turn, be used to guide, heal, protect and understand those that they encounter.

Before even learning to use your gift, you must first identify that you have it. Some empaths say that they just ‘know’ while others are looking for a more tangible and concrete way of identifying their abilities. Do you wonder if you are an empath? Watch for these signs:

  • You take great joy in solitude, which allows you to both refresh and recharge

  • You are prone to frequent mood swings

  • Both animals and children appear to gravitate to you

  • You are highly aware of your physical environment, experiencing the senses more than others around you (smell, hearing, touch, taste, etc.)

  • Your friends regularly come to you with their problems

  • Crowded spaces are overwhelming and leave you feeling drained

  • You find that you not only acknowledge the feelings of others, but you experience their feelings and emotions as if they are your own

  • The concept of violence and cruelty offends you more than most

  • You experience a great degree of mental and physical fatigue

  • People tell you that you are a caring and nurturing person, or that you are a great listener

  • If someone near you is experiencing a physical injury you are able to feel their pain in your own body

Once you have recognized that you do possess empathic abilities, the next step is to narrow down what type of Empath you are. There are 10 types of Empaths, each with their own specific gifts and talents. Understanding where you fit will allow you to then focus your attention on fine tuning your abilities, learning how to not only control them but also to positively impact the world around you.

Here are the 8 types of Empaths, which one speaks to you?

  1. Emotional Empath: The most common type of empaths, an Emotional Empath connects specifically with the emotions of those around them. They are able to feel and experience the feelings and emotions of the people that they encounter as if they are their own, sometimes making it difficult to differentiate their own emotions from those of others.
  2. Medium Empath: A Medium Empath is able to connect with the spirit world, creating a line of communication across the veil. They are able to feel, see or hear spirits around them. One of the most recognized forms of empath, as they are often pulled into the spotlight by the general public, curious about their ability to communicate with those who have left us. Medium empaths may find that specific spirits make active attempts to communicate in order to relay a message back to those they have left behind.
  3. Claircognizant/Intuitive Empath: These individuals will find that they somehow always know a great deal of information about everyone that they meet, as they are able to gain a deep level of insight just by being around a person. Reading the energies of those around them, they are masters of knowing when someone is lying because they are able to sense the intentions behind the words they are speaking.
  4. Geomantic Empath: Otherwise known as Place or Environmental Empaths, they are able to draw a connection specifically to places, especially those of sacred power such as a church. Deeply in touch with the natural world, geomantic empaths will genuinely grieve for the environment during its destruction, drawing their energies (both positive and negative) from their physical surroundings. There is nothing better to recharge a Geomantic Empath than time in nature, although if you are stuck indoors surround yourself with plants and natural scents to create the illusion.
  5. Psychometric Empath: These empaths feel their connection with inanimate objects, receiving energy, impressions, and information from various belongings such as photographs, clothing, jewelry, furniture and more. It is said that everything we interact is infused with our energy, and while most find no difference with inanimate objects, Psychometric Empaths believe that an object can tell a story.
  6. Physical/Medical Empath: Often gravitating to professions in the medical industry, Physical/Medical Empaths are able to experience the physical pains and ailments of those around them, and are often able to intuitively know what physically ails someone without having to be told.
  7. Plant Empath: Plant Empaths are able to connect with plan life, intuitively sensing what they require and how they may be ailing at any given time. They likely are drawn to activities like gardening and friends/family often refer to your green thumb when looking for advice. Strengthen this bond by surrounding yourself with trees and plants both inside and outside your home.
  8. Animal Empath: While nearly every empath experiences a connection of some form with animals, this is far deeper for an animal empath. These individuals often find themselves working with animals in some way, whether it is as a veterinarian or working in a zoo. Many Animal Empaths find that they have a telepathic connection with animals, allowing them to communicate.