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Do you really know what women want when things get hot and heavy? Or are you blindly unaware, resorting in a catalog of, porn moves you assume are going to be successful?

Adult films have, for better or worse, become a de-facto form of sexual education, what you see on screen is sometimes just for show.

Lucky for you, we got you covered!

    1. Stop Being So Predictable!


Do you usually have sex on Wednesday and Friday? Switch it up, women like for things to be spontaneous, nobody likes to have sex on a schedule. Surprise her as she is walking past you in the hallway, you will be surprised how much better it can be!

      1. Get A BIT Rough


There are plenty of occasions when being gentle and sweet is the way forward, but at the same time women are known to enjoy things a bit rough every now and again. Sex is all about passion. And nothing screams passion like getting down and dirty. So slap her ass, nibble on her neck etc!

      1. SLOW DOWN


Do you need to be somewhere in 10 minutes? No? Then for goodness sake slow it down! This is the perfect time to explore her erogenous zones. Look into each other’s eyes, kiss, touch, and touch some more. Savor every moment.

      1. More Foreplay


Most men can go from 0 to 60 in half a second but it takes women a lot longer. We want and need foreplay to get us ready for the grand finale. We know you are excited but give us a little time to get there as well. Not to mention that not only does it feel good but knowing that you are focused on making our entire body tingle will make us want to return the favor.

      1. Hair Pulling

A survey conducted by Men’s Health listed hair pulling as the third most desired aggressive move in bed by women. So don’t be shy, but don’t pull too hard, sex is all about the middle ground.

      1. Being Bossy


Most women have to tell men what to do in every other aspect of life, but in the bedroom, we like to be told what to do every now and again!

      1. Undress Her Slowly

Undress her slowly to make things sexier. Ripping our clothes off is hot sometimes, but what they really want is to be unwrapped like a present, slowly and deliberately, and for her sexy lingerie to be appreciated. After all, it is all for you!

      1. Go Down on Her

Most women will not ask for it, but most women love it! Especially If you know what you are doing. Kiss a trail from her neck all the way down. If only men realized how hot that is….

        1. Don’t Bey Shy, Explore Having Sex Outside the Bedroom


Have sex in the shower, on top of the washing machine, the work desk, even the kitchen table! The point is, be more adventurous and remind her that you want her anytime and anywhere.