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Lightworkers have a very special duty to perform here on earth. They volunteered before birth to not only help the planet, but all of its population heal from the effects of fear.

Each light worker carries out their own sacred purpose. However, the growing distraction of technology has led lightworkers astray from their duties because they are focused on the materialistic lifestyle we have today. They too easily forget their divine and perfect identities, and their miraculous healing abilities they have on Earth. When they forget their purpose they become lost and afraid. There are nine different types of lightworkers, and you might be one of them. Have you forgotten your true purpose on Earth?

Grid Workers

Grid Workers are thought to tap into the crystalline grid, which is ideally considered to be the earth’s nervous system. They are also seen as empathic people who sense a karmic imprint when they enter a certain building, town, stretch of coast, or more.

Many people might sense dark energy or vibrations in a specific area. The grid workers can sense this negative energy, often thought to be brought about by archangels, can send a radiant violet energetic flame throughout the area to cleanse it.

Frequency Worker’s

Frequency workers aim to sustain their high frequencies and get rid of denser energies as they encounter them. This is easier said than done though. One dimension has a dualistic framework and thrives on the law of polarity.

Timeline Workers

Powerful empathic people and lightworkers are aware of timelines and the bleeding together and compression of time and action. They are able to take responsibility for an ancestral worker embodies the knowledge that we are one. It takes the helm of the transmutation, lighting the way for others to pass.

Third Eye/Future Seekers 

The third eye seekers are also known as the clairvoyants. They are aware of timelines, thus giving them the ability to see into the future. Third eye seers may also get confused as to what everyone else’s reality is and may even feel isolated from society.

Blueprint Workers

Blueprint workers hold the divine blueprint for the awakened earth and all of humanity. If you feel the need to share your vision with other people, you might even be considered to be crazy and on drugs. Always keep your faith though; never be discouraged.

Astral Travelers

Astral travelers have intense visions about the future, but also realms they have never really been to before. This requires you to pay attention to your dreams and out of body experiences. By lucid dreaming you can enter the akashic records and access this ripple of potential or well of experience.


These kind of lightworkers are what the world needs more than ever and will replace political figures, bankers and businessmen who have been serving themselves for thousands of years. Indigo, rainbow and crystal children especially have been springing up in this capacity. The mainstream population don’t just get their knowledge from popular culture for no reason; think The Matrix, E.T, Donnie Darko, The Davinci Code, Cloud Atlas, not to mention the lyrics of legendary singers such as Bob Marley. These ‘messages’ carry an imprint with them and are often channelled in moments of heightened creativity where the conduit moves up into 4th or 5th dimensional frameworks and is able to channel the themes into a creative piece of art.

Active Blueprint Weavers

Having accessed the Akashic records during a dream exploration, or perhaps moving up through the dimensions whilst raising their frequencies, an active lightworker will carry back an idea; usually an invention (think Nikola Tesla) or idea that can enhance our lives and manifest the global awakening by putting it into action.


The wayshower is one who has met challenges of the past and used these to strengthen the qualities of soul that already are present, and to bring these qualities of soul into outer expression.  Thus, one who is a wayshower often has had to experience many difficult times in life in order that the soul qualities become more refined and strengthened, and in order that they then may infuse the outer life expression.