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Love is something entirely on its own. Honestly, we could search all day for the definition and would be lost for words, because it is a feeling rather than an idea.

And according to many astrology experts, the June supermoon will bring in a pure, loving energy that will give us all a massive dose of the love bug.

Starting on June 24th, we will begin to transition from a time of struggle to a time of bounty. While the previous months have given us struggles, trials, and quarrels on a regular basis, we will see this simmering down as we ease into the June supermoon.

While all new moons have been heavily associated with new beginnings, it is important to note the time of year in which this is taking place as well as the fact that it is a supermoon. According to many, cosmically, everything has to take place in a sequence. Of course, the phases of the moon occur in sequence, proving to us a perfect example of Mother Nature’s patterns.

You see, the supermoon can be the perfect time to take advantage of a transformation, whether it be in your career, in your life in general, or even in smaller respects. Just prepare yourself for the positive energy that is on its way, as well as for the six-month reprieve we are about to endeavor into until the ending of this sequence.

Once you have embraced this sequence, you will see an immediate change in your life. Not only will you notice that things will start to go your way, but they will also flow much more smoothly as well. And the same principal goes for all cycles of the moon: embracing them and utilizing them for their potential can empower your life in ways you never imagined.