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“Old souls are usually childlike in many ways, having the playfulness and simplicity of children, while maintaining a certain world-weariness and deep insight.”

  • Don Mateo Sol

The term ‘old soul’ is often thrown around, however, many of us may not have given any serious thought as to what it means. These individuals don’t quite seem to fit the mold of what society expects. They are often seen as being wise beyond their years, viewing life as someone far older than their actual age.

In an effort to describe the essence of an old soul, Psychic Source states: “If your soul has been incarnated many times, it’s had more experiences. Most old souls feel a certain disconnect from the earth, and most are inherently aware that they’re different.”

Viewing the world differently than many of their counterparts impacts the decisions and actions of every part of an old soul’s life. This includes the way that they love those that are near and dear to them, including friends, family and their partners.

Here Are 9 Ways That Old Souls Love Differently:

They Can be Difficult to Read

Old souls can sometimes be difficult to understand, as they often view life at both ends of the spectrum. Contradictory in nature, they require someone that will be able to remain patient while attempting to decipher what they require. For example, they crave stability in their lives however they will become stagnant without some element of chaos and change forcing them to grow. This becomes easier as you get to know them better.

Old Souls Are Extremely Intuitive

Having lived many lives, they have gathered a wealth of knowledge that they carry with them. This builds a strong intuition which, if they listen to it, is rarely incorrect.

Isolation is a Must

While an old soul highly values the time that they have with their friends, family, and partners, they can sometimes become overwhelmed with social interactions. If they engage with others for too long they will become worn down and exhausted and need to disengage from the world around them. It is important to give them the space to recharge.

They Search for Someone to Keep Them Grounded

Often thinking abstract thoughts, with their heads slightly in the clouds, an old soul needs someone who is able to bring them back to reality, reminding them of their responsibilities and goals in this life.

Old Souls Don’t Casually Date

Having established what they want in a partner throughout their former lives, an old soul isn’t looking to waste their time. They aren’t interested in casual encounters or short term hookups, looking instead for a deep connection that incorporates the physical, mental and emotional aspects of their lives.

It’s All About the Little Things

Old souls pay careful attention to the smaller details and nuances in life. They appreciate small actions and gifts driven by an emotional connection rather than larger gifts that are designed to impress the recipient.

Known to Brood

They are often seen as being reserved or even reclusive, however, it is not due to a pessimistic outlook on life. Old souls are able to see the potential in life, and in everyone that they meet, and this often leads to disappointment, both in themselves and in others. When they experience this disappointment, they are known to brood.

Unconventional by Society’s Standards

Old souls view life through a different set of lenses, and doing so means that they don’t always conform to what society expects of them. This carries through to every aspect of their lives, including society’s rules regarding dating and relationships.

Old Souls Enjoy Deep Communication

While many people are happy with small talk early in a relationship as they get to know one another, old souls value a deeper level of communication. They enjoy talking about their dreams for the future, secret fears, childhood memories and anything else that they hold dear.