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Hey there, I hope somehow this message has made its way to your hands. I hope that you understand everything I am going to say.

I am sure by now you have suffered more heartache and pain than I can imagine right now. I am sure you have been through a lot and are probably either in a good place where you are happy or feeling a little low. I hope that you are happy. I hope you are content with your body and with who you are.

I hope that you have found love and it was everything you had hoped it would be. I hope that every day when you wake up you don’t have to feel so heavy in your heart. I hope that when you go to bed you no longer cry yourself to sleep. I hope that you are being treated as well as you deserve to be by those in your life.

I hope the best for you and nothing less. You deserve it. I hope you have kept ties with those who matter and cut ties with those who do not. I hope you remember all of the lessons each of those people taught you and that you do not take them for granted. I hope you aren’t overworking yourself or spending too much time cooped up indoors.

You love being outside, maybe you finally started rock climbing like we had planned so long ago. ‘We,’ I mean you, or I… It was a plan. I have always wanted to know what it was like, I hope that you do know.

I hope you remember me and all I was. I hope sometimes you take the time to look back on me and how much you have grown. I am so proud of you. I hope you have found forgiveness for those who have hurt you, not for them but for me. I hope this life is all you wanted it to be. Did you finally get that car you were saving for? Where are you now?

I hope that you are living your life to the fullest and that the future treats you kindly. I hope that all of your broken pieces are put back together now and that your life is how it is supposed to be. I hope you are living our your dreams. Most of all, I hope that you have found the path to everything that you ever dreamed for, because you deserve it.