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This is for the girl who has a heart of gold and a soul that is pure. You probably wonder at times why you are the way you are. Even more confusing, you may wonder why so many do not share your love for those around them.

You care so strongly for everyone you encounter, seeing the best in everyone. Willing to give everything on a moment’s notice without expecting anything in return. You will give everything you have, putting them before your own needs, only to feel as though they have walked out when you needed someone. Even still you will make excuses for them, rationalizing their actions and accepting the blame.

You see the world through your rose-colored glasses. You set your expectations high, believing that everyone else will be willing to do just as you would, opening their hearts and caring for others. The truth is that most people are far more self-centered, leaving you confused and hurt. Even as you feel cheated and taken advantage of, you readily forgive them and give them a second chance.

You have been born into a world that is highly self-focused, where it is considered ‘cool’ not to care about anyone else. People take pride in their ability to distance themselves, putting up a brick wall around themselves to avoid having to open their eyes to the struggles of those that they may encounter.

This genuinely hurts and confuses you, unable to comprehend their way of thinking. Don’t allow them to harden your heart. There is no shame in the care and emotion that you feel, it makes you the genuine person that you are and that is something to be proud of!

You want to help everyone, but there are times that you need to say no. Don’t feel guilty for prioritizing your life or putting yourself first from time to time. You need to take care of yourself! Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup! You matter, as do your emotions and your mental and emotional well-being! You are a bright light in a sometimes dark world – don’t allow anyone to put out that light!

Love yourself!