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Are you a master of spiritual senses? Can you tell when someone is lying to you or feel strongly about things that maybe you shouldn’t?

This could all be with good reason; as I have mentioned time and time again everything has a purpose. Some of us are more spiritually gifted than others and it shows. This is something most people call ‘intuition.’ You either have it or you don’t.

It is something a person is born with and in it, they are able to tap into things most people cannot even imagine. While there are definitely more than five spiritual senses, I am only going to focus on five today. The five that take the most practice to maintain. They are as follows aural readings, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, and claircognizance.

Aura Readings

This is something that is more common than the others in my experience. People who are able to do aural readings can see the auras of those around them. They can perceive the energy fields around the people and things in their lives. If you spend all of your time ignoring the things you feel your ‘power’ will become weak.


This means ‘clear hearing,’ so essentially you are hearing things most people do not hear. You are tuning into what someone is really trying to get across be it real words with a deeper meaning or something no one else can hear calling out to you. People with this ‘gift’ are able to receive and interpret messages from the spirit world. They are not always able to see what they are dealing with but they are quick to find out what it wants. You have to listen, if you don’t listen then they may stop talking or become hard to understand as the distance grows.


This means ‘clear feeling’ and boils down to being able to know when something is wrong or that someone is in trouble even, depending on the situation. These people are all able to rely on their gut feeling for well, everything. Ignoring their gut will get them in some deep shit, to say the least.


This means ‘clear seeing’ and generally means that a person is able to tell if someone is lying or if something is wrong based on a face to face encounter. These people perceive those around them as well as the things around them with a sort of extrasensory perception.


‘Clear knowing’ for those who are not aware. It is the feeling some people get without any evidence. This one is often closely associated with something known as Deja Vu. These people often can guess what a person is going to say long before they have said it.

Do you or anyone you know have these abilities? It is amazing the wonders as humans we can still experience. Use it or lose it, these gifts were given for a reason.