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Narcissists are people who secretly suffer from low self-esteem and are in most cases quite insecure with themselves. While this may be true it is apparent they take pleasure in successfully manipulating others.

Narcissists will put others down and do everything they can to assert that they are superior. Now, there is a big difference when it comes to someone with narcissistic traits and someone with the full blown disorder. Being the target of a severe narcissist can leave you very damaged. Severing ties with this person is almost always the only way to truly get what you need.

Narcissists most commonly target people who are highly sensitive and have less social power. If you are living in a home where abuse is happening in this way you should expect your health to take a hit. If you are forced to question your physically appropriate reactions to things and being told you are the problem day in and day out chances are something very wrong is being done to you.

If you have to think about whether you are over-reacting to your abuse or trying to justify it in any way you need to get out of the situation. You are already dealing with the symptoms of something known as extreme C-PTSD. You should not be sympathizing with your abuser.

Dealing with someone who is a narcissist will damage you much more than you would ever think. Anxiety disorders are often caused by narcissistic abuse, this needs to stop. The video below will go over the most common anxiety conditions. Are you dealing with an abusive narcissist, do any of these sound like what you’re going through on the inside?

Don’t let your abuser win, get out while you still have the chance. There is no reason to risk your own metal well being for somebody who holds themself above all.  Anxiety is something that will stay with you long after your abuser is gone, but you can overcome it. Do not feel small, you are worth much more than the abuse you have gone through be it physical or emotional.