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Dogs on the inside is a group that works to follow the relationships between abused stray dogs and prison inmates that are working towards a second chance in life. Prisoners are given the chance to bond with and care for a group of stray dogs.

This story is one that warms my heart. It shows a timeless connection between mankind and dogs. Even in the unlikeliest situations, animals are able to help us come together and change our lives. I myself am without a doubt an animal lover. Giving these animals and people second chances is something we should have been doing long ago.

While these people and animals have been through hard times they are able to take care of one another on an emotional level. Unconditional love is something we all need. If you thought you needed something to brighten your day please take the time to watch the video below. Do you believe in second chances?

Animals can heal the soul like nothing else. I am truly touched by this, do you think this is a good idea? These dogs needed someone, who better than those who need them?