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Have you ever felt that you were somehow different from everyone else around you? Maybe, no matter how hard you try to better yourself, you just can’t get there, and if that is the case, you may be the genetic 1% of the population living on a higher frequency.

Those who are considered to be at a higher frequency may be more intuitive, more sensitive, and be more attuned to their souls than to their physical body. Of course, there may be days where it can become frustrating to feel as though you are living only inside of your mind, rather than your body, however, there are many perks to being on a higher frequency.

1. You have a higher perception of your senses. Not only are you more intuitive, but you also may be able to switch on your higher senses like clairvoyance and clairaudience.

2. When you are living on a higher frequency, you have access to wisdom and information that most are unable to access, because they are only using the rational aspects of their mind.

3. Meditation, out of body experiences, and lucid dreaming come more naturally to you.

4. Have you ever noticed that you have a general understanding of many things, like they just intuitively make sense, without much effort? This is yet another amazing trait you can thank your higher frequency for.

5. Others seem to be comforted easily by you and seem to have a change in demeanor when they are around you, versus being around the rest of the world.

6. Negative people usually expose themselves and flee within a short time in your presence, because they can’t handle your positivity and love.

7. You are able to notice patterns and synchronicities where others aren’t.

8. You are more self-aware, and understand the goings-on of your mind, body, and soul. While others may not notice when something is off inside of their body, you do, because you are very aware of yourself.

9. You don’t take yourself too seriously.

10. No matter how frustrated or sad you may be, you can put on a smile and fake it until you make it.

11. You are a nurturer, of all people, including yourself.

12. People find it easy to open themselves up to you, and to share things with you that they would not otherwise share.

If the majority of the above-listed traits apply to you, then you are most likely running on a higher vibration. Of course, you have probably known all along that there was something special about you. And while you may feel under appreciated for what you do as a higher frequency individual, don’t fret. Most people are able to sense your higher frequency, and despite the fact that they don’t show it, they do appreciate it.