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Alexander Khimushin came up with an interesting project a few years ago that he named ‘The World In Faces.’ This being a photo project aimed at celebrating the diversity and beauty of the world.

Khimushin was going to do this through portraits of ordinary people. This consisting mostly of those from remote places where tradition and culture are still very strong and alive. For those who do not know Siberia the (the place where Khimushin has been spending the past six months) is huge, easily double the size of Austrailia.

Sure, we all know that there is not much known about Siberia and that it is cold but what about the people who live there? What are they like? What is their story? Khimushin set out to hear their story and if possible, capture it in photographs. During his journey, he has to cover as the title mentions 25,000 Km in order to visit remote locations across Siberia,

Many of the ethnic groups he photographed are on the edge of disappearing altogether. With numbers as small as one hundred populations are dwindling. These people are easily unknown to the outside world and are quite interesting. Take a look at some of the photos below and see just how beautiful and captivating these people really are. Khimushin did a wonderful job at capturing them in his work and I only hope to see tons more from him in the years to come.

1. Nivkhi Man

2. Evenki Little girl

3. Evenki Elder

4. Ulchi Girl

5. Sakha Girl

6. Ulchi Woman

7. Dolgan Girl

8. Buryat Girl

9. Buryat Shaman

10. Oroqen Man

11. Semeyski Woman

12. Udege Shaman