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The North Node is moving into Leo while the South to Aquarius, what does this entail? We will all be experiencing a needed shift towards creativity as a whole.

This shift is telling us to stop being useless. It does not want us searching for something to believe in. We need to fill the hole inside our souls and create something amazing. Uranus and Saturn will be in trine throughout this month so you will be tempted to stay numb and go with familiarity over adventure but do not give in! Now is not the time to accept defeat. It is your time to shine.

Right now is the time for you to be discovering your passion and exploring the world. Here is what to expect in May. While I will not be covering everything I am going to go over the major points. This month is going to be amazing.

On May 2nd:

Any mental fog you are dealing with is going to begin lifting away from you. This meaning you will be thinking properly soon. Over the next few weeks, you need to make as much use of your brain as you can. Thanks to the conjunction with Uranus your mind will be highly productive. Aries, you will be doing great things!

On May 10th:

Nodal axis will be shifting from the Virgo/Pisces axis to the Leo/Aquarius axis and it will prove to be an important day for all signs. There will also be a full moon on the same date with this there will be a transformation well underway. This is going to bring about some wonderful changes in your life. Use this full moon as a means of getting rid of any negative energies you have been holding onto.

On May 11th:

You will be overwhelmed with a desire to escape from the status quo. By all means, do it. Your mind is still focused so you won’t do anything stupid but getting out and about to focus on yourself is never a bad thing.

On May 15th:

Mercury will be entering Taurus and in doing so reactivating the Sun/Mercury conjunction that took place back on April 20th. This should bring about some much-needed clarity. Everything will begin falling into place from here on out.

On May 18th:

You will be reassured that you are on the right path. Uranus’ yearning for progress teamed with Saturn’s energy will have you moving through things with ease. Fire signs will especially benefit from this, however, everyone should be feeling and doing great.

On May 19th:

Make plans, it is high time you went out and had some fun. Venus and Jupiter both want you out enjoying the small things in this life.

On May 20th:

On this day the sun enters Gemini and things will begin to lighten up. In this, we will have a full 30 days of carefree wonderful energy. Take this time to explore the world around you and do the things you love.

On May 25th:

On this day the Gemini energy will be able to express itself freely. During the new moon of this day take the time to explore and learn new things. You’re going to learn so many great things on this night if you are truly open to it.

On May 28th:

At this point, you will be dealing with conflicting thoughts. While you want to go explore you will also want to follow the flow of society. Take things lightly and when in doubt do what a Gemini would do, EXPLORE.

On May 31st:

You will be focusing now more than ever. Nothing can stop your creative flow at this point. If you were unaware of your purpose before you are fully aware now. Enjoy this day and reflect back on all the wonderful things that have happened during this month.