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Of course, you love hearing all the negative things about everyone else but when it comes to the negative things about you, you’d rather not hear it, right? Not everything our zodiac signs tell us is positive.

Sometimes you need to hear the negative. You should know these things about yourself in order to better understand yourself. Sure, we all have our faults but it is in no way the end of the world.


You are far too into yourself for your own good and people cannot stand it. You think you are just so perfect but you are not.


You’re greedy and stupid sometimes. Your temper and big mouth get you in a ton of trouble and when it comes to making important decisions you can’t handle shit.


You are too damn annoying for your own good. No one likes your mood swings and you spend far too much time looking at yourself in the mirror. Stop being such a drama queen.


Sure, you seem to love those around you but when it boils down to the real you, you’re crabby and have a shitty temper. You’re not as kind as you make people think you are.


You are insecure about everything even if you won’t admit it. You pretend to be the perfect ‘lion’ on the outside but on the inside, you’re fucked up. You do your best to stay in situations that you can shine in because the spotlight is your property, or so you think.


You give shitty advice and no one really cares to listen to you. All you do is waste your breath. You put your nose exactly where it does not belong and no one wants to be told what to do by YOU.


You are too dramatic. You are always causing arguments and fights whether you want to believe you are the cause or not YOU ARE! You can’t ever make your mind up and you are forever pissing all over those who care about you.


You think you’re cool and that everyone feels like they can look up to you but you are wrong. You are always repeating the same shit and never getting anywhere in life. While you are considered the most passionate sign you are honestly lacking when it comes to intimacy.


You’re a know it all that doesn’t listen to their own advice. You are a bit more manipulative than people would like to think and while people seem to like you they really don’t.


You are an asshole and don’t really care about anyone but yourself.


You are one of those people who does not get emotional support from the people around you. You are a rule breaker and that sometimes is a bad thing in a big way.


You are so fake. You change yourself to fit in with the people you are around and it is disgusting. You are hardly ever happy and when things are all said and done no one really even likes being around you.