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We all know about Zodiac signs and some of us look forward to reading our horoscopes every single day but do we take the time to pay attention to the system of Celtic trees as well? This is something we should definitely be looking into.

It is said that Celtic tree astrology is something that was designed using the natural connections that Druids had to Earth cycles and the sacred knowledge they believed was held by trees. Druid members of high rankings created this type of ‘astrology’ and as you may already be aware of Druid culture, trees were thought to contain spirits as well as vast amounts of knowledge.

The Druids gave different types of trees meanings based on their qualities. When it comes to Celtic astrology the calendar year is broken down into thirteen months rather than twelve, each of these months has been associated with a different tree and when you look over these they are quite interesting.

Whether you believe in things like this or not they are without a doubt fun to go over. There has to be some sort of truth behind these sorts of things. What tree sign are you?

Birch: (The Achiever)
December 24-January 20

This is a time with much more darkness than light. The Druids felt that Birch born babies were always stretching themselves looking for the light. These babies are said to have lots of motivation and are tough. If this is your tree sign you are without a doubt highly driven and ambitious.

Rowan: (The Thinker)
January 21-February 17

Rowans are known for their creativity. Rowan born babies tend to keep to themselves and have an overall cool exterior. This is because they are out of the box thinkers and do not necessarily fit into the societies idea of normal.

Ash: (The Enchanter)
February 18-March 17

Ash born babies are artistic and intuitive, to say the least. These people see the world in all colors, nothing is black and white. While you may think of this person as an introvert they are not quite that, they are really good at balancing their interests.

Alder: (The Trailblazer)
March 18-April 14

Those born under the Alder are people who can without a doubt find their own true paths in life. They often blaze ahead everyone else because of their passion. It is easy for them to gain support and followers regardless of the situation. This person is easy to talk to, confident, and not cocky.

Willow: (The Observer)
April 15- May 12

These people are highly intelligent and stay on the realistic side of things when it comes to thinking. Some Willows could be considered psychic as they tend to have a better understanding of the cycles and seasons than others. They have no enemies other than themselves. Sometimes they allow their fears to hold them back and that can be a big issue.

Hawthorn: (The Illusionist)
May 13- June 9

These people are very different on the inside than others think. You should never judge a Hawthorn by the outside appearance. They are often great listeners, creative, and insightful. You should never underestimate a Hawthorn born.

Oak: (The Stabilizer)
June 10-July 7

These people are strong, protective and optimistic. They tend to see the good in any given situation and believe things will always work out in the end. They love learning about history and have a great love life. These people make wonderful teachers and are usually heavily involved in their communities.

Holly: (The Ruler)
July 8-August 4

Holly signs were seen as natural leaders when it comes tot he Druids. These people were the kind to welcome a good challenge and tackle any obstacle that was in their way. Anyone born under this sign is generous, kind, confident, and competitive.

Hazel: (The Knower)
August 5- September 1

Hazels are people who are typically far more intelligent than most. They like to be organized and remember things most would have trouble with. They are skilled when it comes to informing others on the things they have memorized and it often makes them appear as ‘know-it-alls.’ If you were born under this sign you are most likely someone who loves numbers and is great with planning.

Vine: (The Equalizer)
September 2- September 29

These people are unpredictable. They tend to contradict themselves and can be very indecisive. Some people see this as a bad thing but Vines are able to see both sides of every situation and I think that is something that is quite important. If you are a Vine you most likely enjoy the finer things in life.

Ivy: (The Survivor)
September 30- October 27

These people are usually loyal and very giving. They are able to soar when it comes to social settings and they do not let things get them down. This sign is one that can overcome their obstacles gracefully.

Reed: (The Inquisitor)
October 28-November 24

These people are the best when it comes to keeping secrets. They are truth seekers through and through if you need someone to get to the root of an issue a Reed is what you need. These people can be a bit manipulative at times but they have a strong sense of honor.

Elder: (The Seeker)
November 25-December 23

Elder born children tend to be free spirits. These people are often thrill-seekers who cannot be stopped. They are born in a time when the light is fleeting quickly, that gives them a different approach when it comes to their lives. Elders tend to live life in the fast lane, they are helpful and honest but will not slow down for anyone.

Does your Celtic tree resonate with you? I feel like mine was spot on! There are tons of similarities between my Zodiac sign and my Tree sign. I will be looking at both from here on out!