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According to American historian and writer, Joseph Cambell, “The cave you are scared to enter contains the treasure you are looking for.” And Clifford Lazarus, psychologist, agrees.

With that being said, take a moment to look at the following photos. Then, choose the one that frightens you most.

Abandoned House

If you picked the abandoned house, you have a deep-seeded fear of being alone. While you have probably been through circumstances that made you this way, it is important that you realize this side of yourself. You are also deeply intelligent and are a very deep thinker.


You are terrified of being buried or have a fear of dying without seeing it coming. You want to live a long life, but need to take better care of yourself to do it. Right now, you are carefree, however, you may one day wish you had taken the measures of putting yourself first.


You are afraid of sadness and depression. Because of this, you typically are a loner. However, you enjoy much beauty in your life and have deep values.

Wood Cabin

To you, a home is supposed to be safe and secure, rather than falling in. You want things to be taken care of for you and yours and an image of a home without warmth seems off to you. You are a hard worker, and you enjoy the finer things.

Dark Tunnel

You are very reserved and smart. However, the water in a tunnel is symbolic of needing more clarity in your life, so you may have too much going on inside of your mind. Take some time to clear it out.

Chained Door

You are a good problem solver and a leader. You do your best at whatever you do. However, you seek comfort. Because of this, you need to spend more time soothing yourself.