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Just as we all have an astrological Sun sign, we also have a Sun Number that is based on numerology. It is this number that explains the very core of our being and accurately aids us in our journey to discover our purpose.

Based upon the month and day that we were born, your Sun Number provides us with a single-digit number ranging from 1 to 9. And the number is actually quite easy to calculate. Once you have completed the quick equation, you are already half way there on discovering what numerology means for you and your personality.

Here’s How You Calculate Your Sun Number

  • Start with your date of birth, we will say it’s October 14.
  • Now, add the numbers, to come up with 24.
  • Once you have this number, combine them to reach a single digit. 2+4=6
  • If necessary continue to add the numbers until you have reached a single digit.
  • Once you have your number calculated, just find it in the list below.

Sun Number 1

Sun Number 1 means that you are strong, independent, ambitious and determined. You will stop at nothing to reach your goals, and because of this, people may think that you are stubborn or self-centered if you don’t tread carefully. However, because of your determination, you are perfect for leadership, and for completing important tasks.

Sun Number 2

If your Sun Number is 2, you are known to be more sensitive and dependent. At times, they may even become manipulative and even passive aggressive. However, their caring demeanor aids them in social endeavors. Unfortunately, it is important for Number 2 to learn to care for themselves in the same manner as they care for others. It is this caring nature for others that grants them with a special talent for counseling others or working as caregivers.

Sun Number 3

Number 3s are more like the social butterflies out of all 9 numbers. If thrown out of balance, number 3 may appear to be superficial or scattered. But, as long as they stay balanced their creativity, sense of adventure and strong ability to learn makes them perfect for finding an outside of the box approach to anything. Just keep yourself stimulated and continue to learn.

Sun Number 4

Number 4s are strong willed, problem solvers and completely practical individuals. It is this very attitude that can make people believe that you are stubborn or narrow-minded. A very important lesson for the number 4 is to understand how to go with the flow and to embrace life for what it is. Technology and revolutionary ideas often draw the number 4 to their path.

Sun Number 5

Your vibration is creative, always changing, and intellectual. With the ability to adapt to almost any situation, a variety of talents lie within your grasp. Your creative ideas and inspiration may draw your attention all over the place, however, if you try to focus on one project at a time, you can succeed almost every time.

Sun Number 6

As a compassionate and caring individual, your trustworthy attitude towards others makes it easier for others to communicate with you. And due to your hard work, you may find yourself drawn to health and fitness. However, make sure not to overwork yourself, as you can become drained or physically sick.

Sun Number 7

Your vibration leans towards spirituality, deep thinking, emotional thinking, and intuition. This combination provides you with a special opportunity to find a deeper meaning in life. As such, 7s are much more in tune with their third eye. When out of balance, you may begin to lose touch with reality and have problems with addiction. You may also become highly sensitive, scattered and a bit aloof. Creating art, music, and exploring hidden realms brings you much joy from life.

Sun Number 8

Number 8s are quite successful individuals that exude authority. With your practicality and driven attitude, you may find yourself highly focused on your career. When out of balance, you may become tense, materialistic or controlling. Taking charge in the business world is where your true talents lie, especially considering your no fear approach to taking chances.

Sun Number 9

You are sympathetic, a deep thinker, and very open minded. Teaching, healing and helping those in need is what draws you in, but when you are out of balance you can become careless and moody. However, as long as you remain balanced, you are a great teacher and communicator.