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Whether or not you believe in the power of the stars, there are some things about out personality’s that are true traits of our signs. Just like Aquarius are independent, Tauruses are stubborn, and Scorpio’s are grudge holders, our star signs also influence our sexual preferences.

Astrological signs are great ways to predict who our most compatible mates are, it also determines the type of sex that you will enjoy the most. I was a bit skeptical at first, I thought nah, this is just a little too much but then I started researching more and more into it and it is so accurate! I know you are probably going to skip right to your sign, but you will be surprised what your partner is into!


Kinky Scorpio gets most stimulated with the idea of having what they shouldn’t have, something forbidden. Scorpios usually have repressed thoughts and feelings which they tend to liberate in the form of sexual games. For them, everything is allowed in the bedroom where that can be completely shameless.


Aries are very energetic and vigorous individuals. Their thirst for intense experiences and adventure comes out in the bedroom. They love to be surprised as their need for innovative involvement is triggered. Sometimes they may go out of their way, suggest ideas they don’t believe in or do things they would never have dreamt of doing just to come across as different or unique. As their lover, you need to reinforce that side of them in the bedroom.

Want to spice things up? Aries are more drawn to bondage. Whether it is handcuffs, ropes or whips, anything is game.  Just practice caution and have a safety word in case things go too far too fast.


Taurus feel pleased and comfortable when they see that their partner is being satisfied sexually. When they are the cause of their partner’s orgasm they are even more aroused, as they feel the cause of a mutual passionate explosion. They love to serve their lover in bed in any way possible because it gives them an erotic purpose and an inner emotional satisfaction.

This sign is sapiosexual, they want to be seduced through your intellect rather than whips and chains. Role playing a smart character like a scientist, teacher or librarian is a real turn on.


Geminis are very imaginative in bed and maybe a little kinky. They get excited when it comes to things like role playing but they prefer their scenarios to be erotically hinted rather than boldly played out.

It is exciting for them to assume that anything can happen in the bedroom at any moment and need to feel they have choices when it comes to erotic games. Try to always leave things open in the bedroom. They may start one thing and go straight to another as they are pleased with the idea of being exposed to a mixture of sexual choices. So, don’t be surprised if they constantly want to engage in different sexual positions. Just go with a flow and enjoy this imaginative erotic experience.


Cancers tend to be more introverted in the bedroom until they feel emotionally connected to their partners, they value intimacy and want to feel secure. They rarely come to orgasm on a one night stand, as the idea of having sex with a stranger turns them off. The closer you get to a cancer the better quality of sex you will experience.

Cancers really get off on playing the Authoritarian/ innocent girl games. They want to be nurtured and they enjoy discipline.


Leos are very passionate lovers. They love to dominate and to be equally dominated in bed. Lovemaking can be a playful power struggle experience with them if it doesn’t become a relationship pattern. It can be easy for them to differentiate the sexual part of a relationship from the emotional. This way they can be quilt-free when they experiment endlessly sexually.

For a Leo, it is important to be with a lover that doesn’t have sexual taboos and reservations. A sexually modest partner that wouldn’t like to experience new things in the bedroom is not the right match for a Leo. So, leave your erotic prohibition behind and enjoy the endless passion that a Lion lover can offer you.

Leos can transform into just about anything their minds and bodies desire. They use their cosplay skills to bring, Daenerys Targaryen or Hulk to life.


Virgos have the need to be in service for others. By doing so, they think they distract all the attention from themselves directing it to the one they are helping. Sexually they want to please their partner first and this makes them a kind of ‘servant’ in bed. Only when they feel secure and safe within a relationship they can also open up sexually. This can only happen when they truly feel loved and respected. It is only then that they can reveal all their secret desires.

Wanting to spice things up? Virgos just want to be spanked. The right amount of pressure along with disciplined words is very provocative to this zodiac sign.


Libras can be delicate in bed. They are graceful and patient lovers. Your sexual life with a Libra is going to become better and better after you have found each other’s tastes. They prefer an elegant and classy lover, one that also comes across as stylish and sophisticated. A partner that takes good care of their personal appearance would immediately attract their attention.

In order to seduce a Libra, you need to firstly make sure your personal appearance is smart and tasteful. The first impressions are important when it comes to keeping a Libra’s attention. Libras prefer morning than night sex. It is they time when they feel the most energetic and this vitality can turn very easily to sexual desire.

Libras love to be sultry and seduce you if you are a Libra try doing a strip tease! It will excite you in ways you cannot possibly imagine.


A Sag in bed may come across as selfish and egotistic trying to satisfy their own needs first. This is a defensive mechanism that Sagittarius may use not come closer to a potential partner. They need intimacy more than any other zodiac sign and this is why they are also deeply afraid of really getting close to someone. Sagittarius may sabotage their chances with a potential partner by pretending that they care own about their own sexual satisfaction out of fear of commitment. Try and ignore your first impressions as they won’t mirror the true sexual nature of a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius also need to know they have a high level of performance in bed and they won’t settle for anything less. If they cannot perform sexually, they can become stubborn and obsessive with the idea, so try and make them feel relaxed and at ease. This zodiac sign is feral in their lovemaking. They want to roam your body like prey they hunted.


Capricorns seem cautious, but they are actually one of the most lustful signs in the zodiac. It’s when they begin to trust someone that they get super-wild! Capricorns are known for their sexual durability. They are eager to have sex anytime and can initiate a sexual interaction too often. The best gift for a Capricorn is a whole day in bed. They will get excited if they know that you have canceled all your daily responsibilities in order to spend an erotic day with them.

Want to spice things up? Rope bondage is a favorite among many Capricorns, if you have never tried it you should look up Shibari. Believe me, the desire is hidden deep inside you.


Aquarius may look shy in bed but they can be extremely kinky once they open up sexually. Anything that can stimulate their imagination is welcome in the bedroom of an Aquarius. As they are considered to be deeply intellectual individuals the only way to attract their sexual interest is by firstly making love to their brain.

So, consider a good bunter and a playful flirting experience as foreplay when it comes to the sexual seduction of an Aquarius. Talking during sex also stimulates them as long as the words that you exchange can arouse their imagination and are straight to the point. So, you need to be quick and spontaneous.


If you manage to turn on the erotic imagination of a Pisces, you will experience moments of passion that can be hard to forget. It won’t be difficult. Wear a sexy outfit or create a stimulating environment. Sex in the bathtub could also do it for them.

They can be very inventive and restless when it comes to sex. They hate routine and repetition so try not suggest the same sexual position as they can be easily bored. If you can’t think of something new and refreshing, try to follow their lead. They will always be spontaneous when it comes to sex.

Want to spice things up? Pisces are huge fans of blindfolds. All of their other senses are heightened when their vision is clothed. They find this vulnerability sensuous and titillating.