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Did you know that ringing ear is a sign of something known as clairaudience? Most people don’t usually think twice about the ringing in their ear when it happens or long after it is over with, but should they?

Clairaudience essentially boils down to perceiving, in this case, hearing what is inaudible. This comes in many different forms. You see when this happens you are moving up the ladder of ascension while forces of light or dark are using psychic toning to either help you or hold you back on your journey. This is something we really need to be aware of.

Some tones will be high and others will not be. The ringing can last for just a few short seconds or even long periods of time. It can in some cases even be in a form so low as to just be mild vibrational frequencies. When you notice this happening take the time to think about how this toning is making you feel.

You should not be afraid of these tones and in a sense, you have control over the tones you hear. While hearing them, if you notice that your moods are peaking immensely, it could be the energy messing with your mind. However, you are never given anything you cannot handle.

Your guides are right beside you and they will not leave you. If the tones are too much, then tell them, and they will do something about it. You do not have to react or accept the negative tones as they are being projected onto you. Stay positive and centered. As long as you are true to yourself and your journey everything will be just fine.