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If you aren’t both giving your all in a relationship, is it even worth the waste of time? You deserve better than a person who doesn’t put their all into you.

I am a strong believer in loving one another like you give a shit. If you aren’t giving each other what you need then there is no point in being together. You don’t have to be overly affectionate in public if you’re both not that kind of person, but if you aren’t and your significant other is then you should take the time to sweep her off of her feet every once in awhile. Take yourself out of your comfort zone for those you love.

If you are in a real shit giving relationship then you may have noticed the following things:

  • You both admit when you are wrong and apologize for things that you do wrong.
  • You take care of yourself and each other.
  • You listen to one another, no one understands you like your significant other.
  • You have an authentic connection.
  • You face those tough conversations head on and let go of anyone who tries to step in your way.
  • You feel as if you are meant to be together and that neither person is holding the other one back.

All too often good relationships end because of a lack of communication. When it comes to keeping your relationship intact even the most in love people can go their separate ways when communication is not up to par. Kiss your partner, spend time with them, talk to them when something is wrong. Don’t let them face the world alone.

If you don’t put time into those you love you will end up alone. No one needs to spend their lives alone. Companionship is very important and those of us who are loving each other like we give a shit are living a much deeper life than those who just go through the motions each day and feel as if they are stuck in their relationship. Don’t let yourself end up alone, give your significant other your all. Be there for them like no one else ever has been. You should both be each other’s priorities and not just another option. Love like you give a shit!