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We too often forget that there is much more to life and the world than what we see every day. We worry too much about worldly and materialistic things, and there’s just much more to life than that.

Worrying is terrible for our health, yet we all do it so often. It can seem impossible to stop worrying about everything, but it really isn’t! In eastern traditions, the mind said to be the cause of our bondage and the cause of liberation. It might be a little difficult to finally stop worrying, but it is well worth it. One of the most skilled cultures in the world at not worrying are the Buddhists! Buddhists have mastered the act of letting things be and going with the flow, and us in the Eastern world have a lot to learn from them. Take these 5 teaching for example:

These 5 Buddhist teachings are the most effective and approachable methods of getting rid of your worries. They’re simple but require repetition and practice. Once you are able to master them your whole life will change.

Understand The Mind

Indian cultures believe that the best analogy for the human mind is a monkey. Just like monkeys love to jump from one tree to another, our minds also like to jump from one thought to another. When something attention grabbing comes up the mind naturally wants to think about it. It is important to understand the human mind to stop worrying.

Walk Away

Walking away is one of the best simple metaphors there is. No matter what it is regarding; a conflict, an emotional issue, or internal conflict, the best approach one can have is to just let it be.

Know Worrying Doesn’t Help

No matter how much you worry it will never be able to change the outcome of the event in which you’re worried about. Worrying does absolutely no positive good in your life, it only has negative effects. Stress is the real killer!

Stop Searching For A Solution

If we are constantly searching for a solution, it can subconsciously imply that there is a problem to begin with. Not every little difficulty in our lives is a real problem, and none of them are worth stressing about. Life is too short.


Mindfulness is an excellent practice that allows things to fall into place as they should. The universe has a weird way of things, but they always work out one way or another. Mindfulness is simply the practice of letting things be as they are. Just exist and do not put up any fight whatsoever. Things flow much better when we aren’t always trying to push them in a certain direction.