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As tattooed people we often have people come up to us and ask things like “What are you gonna do about that when you’re old?” or “What about when you’re old…”

Those things just prove more and more that most people for some reason do not understand self-expression or body art. When This happens to me I no longer respond with words. I simply show them a few of the images below and go about my day. I don’t care what I am going to look like when I am old, it is my body and I will do whatever I want.

Take a look at some of these badass tattooed older folks, they are beautiful! Tattoos are something we should never be ashamed of. We are who we are and no matter what that will always remain true. Whether you are covered from head to toe or just have a few if it makes you happy there is nothing wrong with it.

“What are you gonna do about those when you’re old?”

Nothing at all…