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Have you ever dyed your hair? If you’re anything like me your hair has been every color under the sun and then some.

According to psychologist Dr. Vivian Diller, you can actually become addicted to dying your hair which explains a lot. She says that much like eating or shopping addictions, hair dying addictions are very real. The more bored you are the more likely you are to dye your hair as well. Sounds about right now doesn’t it?


Luckily though, when it comes to a hair dying addiction there isn’t much damage being done, other than potential hair damage that is. Actually, according to research done at the Nottingham Trent University women who dye their hair experience a confidence boost. The majority of the women involved in this study said that dying their hair even made them more likely to help someone in the street asking for a favor. Isn’t that insane?

They also found that women who dyed their hair put their foot down more often and were found to be more impulsive, sexually exciting, and creative. Some women dye their hair for themselves while others do it for the attention but no matter the reason the confidence boost is always there. It seems there are lots of benefits to dying your hair, what color do you wanna try out?