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PETA is known for their undercover operations to find out what is really going on in the animal industry. Investigators traveled to South Africa to get this never before seen footage inside the largest ostrich slaughterhouse in the world.

What they say was horrid! Workers were forcing the terrified birds into stun boxes, causing many to slip and fall and then slit their throats.

Slaughterhouses are in place to create the luxury handbags of these top of the line brands. They supply the skin of ostriches and it is done in the most inhumane way possible too. Feathers are ripped out of ostriches skin while they are fully conscious! The feathers are used in costumes for the Moulin Rouge and festivals like Brazil’s Rio Carnival. The feathers are used in feather dusters, boas, and other accessories too.

These specific slaughterhouses supply skins to Hermes, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and other top fashion houses. Please ask yourself, if that designer bag really worth it?