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Are you ready for a fun way to understand yourself better? If so, take the following personality test and check the results, you may be surprised.

Which eye do you like the most? While the following test is merely for fun, it may provide you with some insight regarding your inner self.

1. If you chose one, you are very open, however, it takes awhile for you to get close enough to others to become this way. But, you will try to let almost anyone in, if they are ready. Unfortunately, because of this, you may risk getting hurt. You don’t show this, though, no matter how afraid you are of becoming hurt. You deal with your issues internally.

2. You can be quite conscientious. You are always trying to make a good impression on others, and you believe that your actions could change the world. You keep your emotions hidden, and you try to be the best person you can be.

3. Underneath it all, you feel tortured. You are constantly living in the past, and you often may feel as though you have been duped by life. Despite this, you are on a constant quest for peace.

4. You are the philosopher. This can sometimes work against you, because you may overthink everything. Because of this, you may always be looking for a deeper meaning for everything. You often can get lost in your thoughts, but it is hard for you to express how unsure you may be about life.

5. Your true nature is that of a mystery, and your personality may appear to be a mash up of many contradictions. Furthermore, you may find that your mood changes constantly. You keep your true emotions hidden.

6. You are quite sensitive, and you are the type that notices everything, yet forgets nothing. While you are very tuned in, the smallest of things affect you most. Of course, this may seem bad sometimes, but you are very aware of the world around.

7. You are a very passionate type person with a fiery personality. You may be anything but subtle, and you can either love or hate with all that you have. Your opinions are let known, and once you have made up your mind, you may be set in your ways. However, you can be anxious, yet you don’t let it show.

8. Your personality is unique. You can be very understanding of all sorts of people and many aspects of the world. You have always danced to the beat of your own drum, and you don’t care much about adhering to current statures and beliefs. You do what you want, and you don’t care what anyone thinks.

9. You are a very intuitive and intelligent person. However, you don’t let everyone know exactly how much you know. In many ways, you are somewhat of an empath, and when others lie to you, you instantly know.