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We all have been through good times and bad times. Some women have gone through more hardships and heartache than others and it is a part of who they are. You see for women when life hits us hard, we learn from it, it makes us stronger.

Loving a woman who has been through hell is not easy. There will be lots of work involved because she is a complex person who knows now what she needs in this life. Loving her will be a battle but it will be worth it. She isn’t hard to please or manipulative but she doesn’t just give things for free. You have to peel back her layers to find the hidden fruit underneath.

She will be with you without letting you all the way in. She wants to let you in but it takes time. She has all the time in the world and patience like no one else. She will reveal herself in the most magical ways. You will get to know her better if you relax and let her take charge.

When she finally decides to open up a bit listen. She won’t be one to waste her breathe. Her life is interesting and she is full of stories. She will tell you of all the places she’s been and how she became who she is. You won’t want to miss a single word of it. She is special. She is positive when describing the hell she has gone through because she made it out alive.

Make her happy. Take her more and more to Heaven every time you see her. Show her what it’s like. Bring her flowers, chocolates, and puppies… Lots of puppies. Don’t try to treat her like those fragile women of your past. She is nowhere near fragile. She is bulletproof.

She doesn’t need you, she wants you and that should be enough.