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As you know your zodiac sign tells a lot about who you are as a person. Did you know it could tell us why you have trouble in relationships?

Well, it can. It all boils down to our personality and the things we do that negatively affect our relationships. Sometimes it’s best to find these things out so that we can correct them. What is it you could be doing wrong?


You get restless even when you’re in a good relationship. You simply cannot handle being bored. So, if your partner can’t mix things up you often lose interest when you get settled in.


You always try too hard to make yourself seem stronger than you are. It is okay to be vulnerable. There is nothing wrong with expressing yourself to another person.


You want everything to go your way even when your way is two completely conflicting ways. You need to be more willing to let the other person take control from time to time. You’re always stressed out because you want to handle everything yourself. Stop.


You let people walk all over you. You’re always taken advantage of because you never demand respect. You need to put your foot down sometimes and stand up for yourself.


You are too full of yourself. The fact that you are always seeking validation from others will upset your partner. You will make them think they are not enough for you and that can ruin everything.


You just have shitty taste. You find people who are the worst possible match for you and do the worst thing possible, fall in love. They always break your heart and leave you damaged more and more. Think outside this box you’re shooting for. There is someone amazing out there for you.


You just have trouble meeting someone worth being with. You start dating and then it just fades off, nothing ever comes of it. You need to get out of your comfort zone and find someone that makes your heart race.


You are too romantic. Yes, too romantic. Sometimes a person just wants to settle into bed with a TV dinner and watch Netflix. Not everything has to be so flashy. As long as you’re there your partner will be happy. You are enough.


You won’t go after what you want and have a bad habit of playing games with all the things you don’t want. You need to learn to chase what you want and not take advantage of it when you have it.


Your standards are too high. We are on Earth not the other side. You can’t have a real angel. Put someone real on that pedestal that deserves it. There are tons of amazing people in your life who care about you.


You are a dick. You want to keep running around breaking hearts without fixing any of them. You aren’t going to be able to find love if you respond to every pretty little lady who comes your way.


You are friend zoned more often than not because of the way you carry yourself. You need to have a more direct approach to things. Go ahead open up be yourself.