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During this time you will need to be clear with your intentions as sending anything out without thinking it through could cause serious issues during this time. Be careful!

The full moon phase is one that challenges us and triggers conflicts on an internal level. The full moon in June is referred to as the Strawberry full moon because it is the best time to gather strawberries according to the Amerindian Algonquin tribes. To see what effect this will have on your zodiac sign continue reading.


This full moon is going to push you to your limits. You will be at your wit’s end when it comes to your relationships as well as your teachers.


You will be blocked financially during this time. However, you will be experiencing new things in regards to communication. If you have been holding onto anything now is the time to let go.


You will be dealing with some negative emotions but in the end, things will work out. It is time for you to save money or at the very least spend less. If you can hold out things will get better.


You may become sick this time around if you aren’t careful. You have a lot of stress to come and need to find time to rest and be to yourself. Don’t let the emotions of others get to you.


Stop being so vain. People will be paying close attention to how you view yourself during the full moon. It will negatively impact your life if you don’t make some changes.


You need to pay close attention to your feelings because they can and will form into a life changing decision. If things are rough right now you don’t need to be making decisions just yet.


You are going to be challenged during this full moon. When it comes to communicating you cannot quite find the words to say. You will need to be calm and patient to eliminate risks that come up.


Your inner conflicts will be enhanced during this time and you will feel uneasy. You are going to be overly focused on your personal issues which is fine, sort things out.


You are going to be recharging during this time and bring to yourself a new power. You will be able to overcome mental obstacles very soon.


Things you have been putting off will be coming to light and need to be dealt with. You will not be able to avoid this so go ahead and start sorting things out while you are not so overwhelmed.


You will be losing several close friends and need to look within yourself to figure out what is wrong. There is a lot going on in that mind of yours and it has you all over the place.


You will need to be strong during this time. It will have you on edge and ready to attack but you should not. You will need to maintain your maturity and only strike when it is necessary.