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Sex without foreplay is something most people do not like doing because it’s like eating your favorite food but not being able to taste it. You see, foreplay makes things go from good to great.

Foreplay is extremely important and helps both people get into the best mood possible. If you think you know what gets you soaking wet or rock hard you may need to think again. There are so many different kinds of things you can do fo yourself or your partner everything counts and the more the better, right? Keep reading to find out what foreplay you will enjoy most based on your sign.


You like to be in charge but chances are you already know that. You want to be the one getting things going in any way you see fit. You love to give lap dances and make the first move yourself. Your man will be steaming before you’re ready to take him.


You love being close. Touching, cuddling, massaging, all of these things get you going. You like to turn sweet moments into something naughty.


You like to communicate more than anything so when it comes to dirty talking you are a pro. You will whisper naughty things to him and he will be begging you for it before things get there. You also seem to have a bit of a kinky side as you really like to be spanked. Hard, but not too hard.


You are always up for a good role play when things get to the bedroom. You will push him to his limits and have him begging that sexy maid to suck him ‘clean.’ You are not afraid to try new things and often surprise partners with this because of how out of this world you are in the bedroom.


You are all about oral. You love giving it and receiving it. While oral may not sound like much to you it makes the whole experience a million times better. You love being so close and intimate and are not afraid to take turns when it comes to whose in charge.


You like to be the one making the rules and are very capable when it comes to mixing things up. You like to kiss a lot and hickeys are a big turn on for you. You will try anything at least once.


You like for things to go slow and are all about making out and grinding on one another before getting naked. You will be flooded long before your panties come off.


You love being talked dirty to. You are submissive and will do whatever you are told within reason. You get off on being able to fulfill his needs so intensely.


You like to make a game out of everything. Stimulating your brain as well as your genitals.


Netflix and chill is your favorite way to get things going. You will start out laying in bed and watching a movie but the things going on under the blanket with your hands will be getting a lot more attention than the television.


You will literally watch porn with your partner. You love getting turned on as a team and will turn it into something really fun.


You like to have your chest caressed and kissed more than any other sign. This is without a doubt your weak spot. You will be ready to go quickly when he pulls this trick out of the bag.